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  • fur friendly hotels
    3 Fur Friendly Luxury Hotels For Your Pampered Pet
    Dog owners are often quite attached to their four footed furry friends making separation difficult.  In some cases, your pooch is accustomed to joining in all adventures and suffers canine meltdown if left home alone or kenneled.   While hiking, running or simply strolling about with the...
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how to care for your new dog

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  • malulu dog collars & Leads
    Malulu-Handcrafted Organic Leather Dog Collars & Leads
    If your looking for something unique, beautiful and for a good cause Malulu may just be the perfect place to do your next shop. Besides making beautiful collars and leads, she also has wonderful ethical gifts that would make the perfect gift for your best furry...
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  • “Good info! I don't think I'll ever be going on a ski trip though LOL We will just play in the snow here when we get it! We only got it once this Winter.”
    -- Kia

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