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2016 wag the dog uk march Wag the Dog UK is a modern dog blog featuring pet-friendly travel tips, tasty dog food & treat recipes, and some howling advice and care. Paw focused reviews and sniffing out the best dog products around.

Dog Friendly Travel, Food & Care

  • guide dog grid
    A New Video Campaign From Guide Dogs - First Blind Dates
    Dog News
  • How To Take Care Of Your Dog’s Coat
  • 10 Awesome Facts about Siberian Huskies
    Dog News
  • depression grid
    Dogs Help Depression - Here's Why Info-Graph
  • dog safely confined grid
    How To Keep Your Dog Safely Confined In One Area
  • road trip grid
    7 Tips for Planning a Road Trip With Your Dog
    Travel guide
  • pet food grid
    Are Pet Food Labels Easily Readable?
    Dog Food Guide
  • 6 Tips To Protect Your Dog In Summer
  • smokey paws grid
    Smokey Paws is Saving Pets Lives’ across the UK
    Dog News
  • dog-friendly scene grid
    Looking For A Dog-Friendly Scene- Check This Out
    Dog News
  • dog friendly cottage gr
    4 Tips For Planning A Dog Friendly Cottage Staycation In The UK
    Travel guide
  • keep dogs safe grid
    Clever Tips: How To Keep dogs safe In The Car
  • best dog breed grid
    The Best Dog Breeds to Run With Inter Active Graph

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