Dog Clothes: Essential Protection for Your Dog this Winter

Dog Clothes: Essential Protection for Your Dog this Winter

Dogs are just like humans in that they do not like wet and cold weather and can suffer in winter time if they do not have the correct protection against the cold weather.  Dog clothes are a wardrobe essential for your four legged friend that keeps them warm and most importantly happy no matter the weather.

Dog clothes are well designed garments that are designed with your dog in mind so that your dog can function in his everyday life whilst staying cosy and comfortable.  Dog clothes are idea for canines that fall into the categories listed below;

  • Older/senior dogs
  • Injured or recovering dogs
  • Small dogs as they are closer to the ground and easily get wet
  • Dogs with thin or thinning coats
  • Working dogs
  • Dogs living or working in extreme climates
  • Puppies

 A coat for your dog can provide extra protection and insulation whilst they explore the outdoors and most dogs love the fuss of getting dressed in the winter time.   If your dog has been injured or has suffered from an illness they would benefit from an extra layer of dog clothes when they are out and about as they can reach full health again faster.  If your dog is hesitant about going outside they may be feeling the cold so it is important to notice the signs and dress them appropriately.

You should always ensure that the clothing item works with the shape of your dog’s body and does not prevent him/her from doing anything they would normally do! When your dog does not want to wear dog clothes you should respect the welfare and rights of your dog. It is all part of being a good dog owner after all!

Dog Clothes for Every Dog! 

Dog fashion has a wide range of different types and accessories that are available to your four legged friend.  Dog fashion is big business and there is huge demand for the dainty designs.

  •  Rain Coats– Keep your dog warm and dry whilst outside in the autumn and winter months.
  • Sweaters – Ideal for use indoors and on dry days when the temperature is on the chilly side.
  • T-shirts– A great addition to your canine’s autumnal wardrobe.
  • Boots– Boots offer the best form of protection for those that are worried about their dog’s feet on treacherous walks.
  • Sports clothing and reflective wear– A great way to keep your dog safe on night time walks.
  • Life Jackets for boating and water activities– Life jackets offer peace of mind to both dog and owner whenever they need to swim or enter water.

Author: Arron is a writer for Livetech and loves dogs!

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  1. Very cute! Thank you for sharing this article. I am glad to read this information. Winter is really a cold weather.

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  3. For certain conditions I’d agree that dog clothing can be useful, for example life jackets when out on a boat, rain jackets when out in heavy rain but I’d refuse to dress up my dog just for the sake of fashion! Let’s face it, dogs have no way of moderating temperature like we can apart from panting, it borders on cruelty to add clothing when it’s not needed and may be making our animals uncomfortable! As for carrying dogs around in handbags… don’t get me started!

    • Hi Dave,

      You are completely right. You should only need to dress a dog for protection, not fashion. Dogs already have beautiful coats! Pet owners should also be aware of how their dogs feel when dressed as well. I put a rain coat on Maggie once and I swear the look on her face said “You don’t think I am going out that door to the Commons looking like this! Get it off, I’m a beagle and love the rain, just like all the other dogs on the Commons.”
      Thus said rain coat went to Charity.