a dog wagging view of the world…

Maggie’s Instagram Feed

Maggie's Instagram Feed

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  1. Ah Instragram…something I don’t know about…but there’s some nice photos here…guess I’m off to learn about this

    • It get addictive…have your human download it on their smartphone and then all they need to do is snap your cute little mug and upload!

  2. Lookin’ good, Ms. Maggie! You have such a sweet face!

  3. How cute Maggie! I found you on instagram and am now following you.

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Barks From The Pack

  • “I think a lot of people need to step up and take responsibility. Bd is muzzled because I can't trust how he will react if a dog gets into his face. That is if a dog comes into his space, gets too close and doesn't pick up on his signs to go away. So i take precautions!”
    -- Lauranne

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