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  1. Ah Instragram…something I don’t know about…but there’s some nice photos here…guess I’m off to learn about this

    • It get addictive…have your human download it on their smartphone and then all they need to do is snap your cute little mug and upload!

  2. Lookin’ good, Ms. Maggie! You have such a sweet face!

  3. How cute Maggie! I found you on instagram and am now following you.

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Barks From The Pack

  • “I have two cats holding me at gunpoint to enter this competition. They currently share a wicker chair in the catservatory and are adamant that they too should have the opportunity to try out a Cozy Cave. With winter fast approaching they say it could be a lifesaver as nobody is likely to dump fresh laundry on them as currently happens if they snuggle under one of the duvets. They also asked me to pass on best wishes and seasons greetings to all the dog owners that have entered too :)”
    -- Michael Scoates

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