Went to Vet today: Blood in my dog pee

blood in dogs pee

So this morning I went out with my peep for my morning walk, and as usual I took my morning pee, however it was pink! I didn’t really notice, and I must admit I have been feeling a little quiet but not feeling poorly. I have been eating and drinking fresh water regularly, plus a couple of low-calorie treats and basically just acting like my wagging self.

However if you saw Trina’s face, you think something major had happened to me. She quickly ended my morning walk and got on her mobile to call my vet for an appointment at once. Next thing I know, I’m being zipped into the back of a car and I went directly to my vet to see what the problem was with my pink pee.

Our vet is really nice and the first thing he did was give me a pat and a treat. Then he asked Trina a few questions:

1. When did you first notice the change in my pee.

During our morning walk or about 2 hours ago.

2. Is Maggie looking like she is in pain when she urinates and is she peeing a lot?

No, signs of pain, (but yes I was peeing a lot, but I usually do.)

3. Drinking more water than usual?

No, the usual amount.

Next he explained:

That there is was no need to panic. Blood in dog urine is a very common problem. However he did say it was very good that she brought me to see him due to its important that i get treated quickly. Otherwise, the problem could spiral out of control and I could possibly die!

There are Five Possible reasons why I have blood in my dog pee…

  • Blood in dog’s urine is most commonly caused by urinary track infection
  • I could have crystals or stones in my urinary tract. These stones scrape the urethra and cause bleeding.
  • I could have swallowed some poison, for example rat poison.
  • It might a tumor, which could be cancerous or non-cancerous.
  • If I was bitten by a tick, that could also be the cause of urinating blood. A tick bite can cause an infection called babesiosis, which destroys red blood cells.
If I was a male dog, I would also have to consider: Blood in a male dog’s pee could also be caused by an infection of the prostrate. Other signs of a prostate infection include a swollen penis and testicles. …

So what did my vet do to see why I have blood in my dog pee…

  • He did some tests to find out what is causing the problem
    pee collector

    I pee in the yellow collector and then it flows into the plastic container.

  • He checked to see if I had a fever. Which luckily I did not
  • He gave me a physical to see if I was in pain or swollen. (I was a little swollen)
  • I got an antibiotic shot
  • I was prescribed some Clavaseptin  for the infection and Rimadyl for the pain.
  • I was also given a really strange device that I am supposed to pee in (good luck with that)

So right now I am waiting on the test, taking my medicine and will see my vet again in 12 days to see if all is well. If they find anything strange in my tests they will give us a call to see if there is anything else that needs to be done. However I did get some good news, I’ve lost a little weight so I am right on track of slimming down for Spring!

Update 15 March, 2013 to date: The medicine helped, all my tests came back clear and I’ve been a healthy and happy beagle ever since!


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  1. My 8 year old Scottie has had signs of blood in his urine on and off this last week or so. We have taken him to the vets and had anti-biotics for one week, still signs of blood so on his second week of treatment. Its not visible in all his `leg cocking` , but quite visible at the end of a longer walk when I feel he is `pushing` to generate some pee. He is otherwise happy , eating , playing and eager to go out. No extra drinking or need to pee…. ? very concerned as to what is going on !!

    • Poor little thing. I am so wishing that your Scottie gets better soon. Has your vet suggested anything else or a second opinion? Cranberry has been know to help when added to your dog’s diet.
      Thanks for sharing and we have paws crossed that everything will turn out good.

      • We have to take Dexters sample back to vets at end of the week… then maybe x-rays to see whats going on if the blood is still present in his urine. We hope all clears up… if so i will ask about his diet. If not then it could be `stones` he is trying to pass… worse outcome could be a cancer that Scotties are more prone to. :(. We may have to get him `done` as we never got round to it earlier and this may stop future problems….. all a waiting game at the moment. He is running round like a puppy in the garden at the moment, loving the brief sunshine. Thank you for your concern.

        • Glad to hear that he seems happy and not in pain unless he strains. It could be stones, he seems to perky for something as awful as cancer. Paws crossed that all goes well.

  2. Today was the first day i saw my baby pee blood, she is house trained, she is about 3 1/2 yrs old. but today i noticed she peed 3 time inside the house. and it was pink. so i took her out side, and i did spot on little drop of bright red blood, well , she dont act like she is in pain. she still eats normal and plays normal. but i cant take her until two days from know i have to work, . any suggestion i could help her ease her situation . Thank you

    • So sorry to hear about your poor baby. Just make sure that your pup gets lost of water and watch to make sure she seems to behaving normal until you get the chance to take her to the vet. I’d suggest that the call the vet to see if he can recommend something that you can do, before you go to the vet. I’d ask about diet and if a little cranberry would help. Best of luck and we are all hoping that your little pup gets better soon.

      • I have a two wk old puppy and she is urinating red spots here and their other puppies passed she is the only one fighting out of a litter of 7 all girls … Its it serious because she so young

        • I don’t think that it’s serious, but I would recommend discussing this with your vet, in case your pup may need additional treatment.

  3. Hi.my baby peed with some blood last last week but since it never happened again, we thought it was ok. However, earlier, i saw a blood again in her pee. I don’t know what to do. I still cant bring her to a vet, not until after the holidays because its quite far from where I live. What should I do until then?

    • Hello, I am so sorry to hear about your poor pup and I hope that her symptoms will be able to clear up quickly.

      First thing first, get her to a vet as soon as possible, even a phone call might help while you wait. When Maggie had her infection, I added Blackberries, raspberries, or cranberries to her meals due to they have compounds called ellagitannins that prevent bacterial adhesions to the bladder wall. I also added parsley as well due to it’s effective diuretic that can aid in the elimination of waste. Parsley leaves have antiseptic qualities that are great for treating urinary tract infections. I also mixed it with a little yogurt.
      But remember…Urinary tract infections in pets are serious, so you definitely want to get your dog to the vet as soon as possible.
      I hope I was able to help a little and please keep me updated, I am really hoping your little baby gets better real soon.

  4. Hi Trina, my dog just pee and had 5 stones in the pee. Does it mean that she released all the kidney stones o still she can have more stones.
    Thank you!!!

    • Hi Maria, The only way to be sure is to have your dog checked by the vet to see if all the stones have passed. There really is no other way of knowing. Hopefully your dog is getting better.

  5. Hi Trina, my little one has been on antibiotics and painkillers for 10 days now, she couldn’t pee at all the first few days and then she had a few little mishaps indoors bless her, then another day couldn’t go again…so I took her back to the vests and they gave me 3 more days of antibiotics, today she has peed quite a few times but this eve I noticed she has blood in her pee, now I’m not sure what to do. Wait until she has finished these antibiotics or take her back..she ok in herself, normal playing, eating, and drinking? So yesterday and today peeing as normal but with a tinge of blood today? Any suggestions.. I have tried a teaspoon of cranberry juice in a tablespoon of natural yogurt.

    • I bet your little loves the cranberry and yogurt and must think it’s a treat. My best advice would be to call the vet and tell them that you are still finishing the antibiotics, however you have noticed a tinge of blood. If I remember right, Maggie had to finish her meds and then go back to the vet for another test, to make sure we were treating the correct problem and it wasn’t something more serious. Please keep me updated.

      • Hi Trina, thank you for getting back to me about my little one, she only has 1 more day of Antibiotics left and she does have a tinge of blood in her pee today, ( no didn’t really like the cranberry and yogurt ). Plus it worried a bit giving it to her, but I’m sure it would do her more good than harm. Please can you just tell me if its ok to give her some more yogurt and cranberry? Thank you very much for listening. Jan

        • Hi Janet, Awww..it’s a shame that your little dog did not like the cranberry and yogurt mix.
          The information I share is from my experience with Maggie and it is impossible to know or suggest what to do with your furry mate. I know a lot about dogs, however I am not a dog nutritionist or a veterinarian. And when it’s comes to Maggie’s health I always seek professional veterinarian care just to be sure. There are so many things that we are dog owners are not equipped to handle, I think you should contact your vet and see what they have say, just to be sure too. Best wishes to your little pup!

          • Hi Trina, just to thank you for your kind thoughts and your ear…

          • Absolutely! Please keep me updated! I always worry about furry friends, because they just can’t tell us in words.

  6. Our rescue pup is about 8yrs old. Female named Kenny. Drinks a LOT of water and pees a LOT. No signs of pain and very active; very playful and affectionate. Every couple of days or so I notice her urine is tinged pink – she likes peeing on our concrete patio more than the grass but that problem is for another day.

    Not sure what to do???


    • Hi Glen, It sounds like your rescue pup may have an infection. I would recommend that you book a vet appointment to see what the problem may be. If you can bring a sample of your dog’s pee! It will help your vet very much! Hope your pup gets better and stays off the patio too!

  7. hi my 7 years old strickey(great dane) gave birth to 14 pups on march 8th bt unfortunately only one is alive, the other 13 pups died before giving birth that means in her stomach itself and today after 10 days i saw my strickey had urined in a red colour.does that mean she had any infections or is it because of delivery? please help me out am kind of getting tensed by seeing her urine in blood colour.her intake is also taking little bit forceble. please tell me what to do?
    should i take x-ray of her?

    • I am so sorry for your loss and I hope that your dog is not too heartbroken. With all that has happened to her, I would suggest that you contact your vet and take her immediately to care and if possible get a sample of your dog’s urine for the vet to test. It could be a number of things and only vet will be able to tell. I wish her good health.

  8. Yea we did consulted but vet said there will be no need to worry about that and he said its obvious…..but when ever I see strickey’s urine am kind of afraid.

    • Just keep checking on her and updating your vet. Perhaps a second opinion may be in order.

  9. yea thanx and srry what do u mean by second opinion?

    • Sometimes I ask another vet. Maggie has her main one, and when something was very strange to me, I’d ask for another vet to be sure.

  10. My dog got prescribed antibiotics yesterday for this same problem. Just wondering, how many days of antibiotics did it take for your dog’s pee to go back to normal?

    • If I remember right, Maggie took her antibiotics for about a week and I noticed an improvement in just a couple of days. let’s hope all is well with your pup too!

      • He’s all good. After 2 days of antibiotics the bleeding completely stopped. 🙂 Thanks for all the useful info. 🙂

        • That is so great to hear! He should be fine now. Glad that you liked the website and post. We really appreciate it!

  11. Hi dear, i have a puppy 16 weeks old. Today i just find out he has blood when he peed out.. The urine was clearly yellow but in the end there is a little blood with pink colour. When i called my vet he said its okay if he still eat n drink normally nothings to worry about. But i still worried because he still has a little blood in his urine. Can u help me whats the probleme to my puppy. Thanks in advance dear..

    • I believe that if your still seeing blood in your puppies pee that you take her into the vet with a pee sample just to be sure.

  12. My chiuahuah had blood in her urine and I took her to the Vet,they took x-rays and said no kidney stones,so they put her on antibiotics and pain meds for about a week,she finished her meds on Monday and now Wednesday she is peeing blood again,do you think she needs more antibiotics or what else can I do to prevent this from happening again.Thank you

    • So sorry to hear about your little chihuahua. I think you should contact your vet again and see what he suggests. Make sure your pup gets plenty of water and plenty of pee breaks to flush out her system.

  13. Hi, my 8yr old Jack Russell urinates blood after he has been for a long walk (2 hours or more usually). He is a typical male and pees everywhere! But it is only after he has urinated lots that the blood appears. He does not urinate more than usual, and he doesn’t even seem to notice it. Any ideas what it might be?

    • Sounds like an infection to me, better get him to your vet for a check.

  14. Got a 16 yr old Chihuahua. He bleeding when he pees.hasn’t walk good for the last year.Think he has arthritis

    • Due to your Chihuahua’s age, it might be best to have him see a vet to help with his bleeding and to see how to help relieve the arthritis. Hope he does get better.

  15. You are a gift from god.thank you

  16. My 10 yr old Scottie, Maggie, has gone through 3 rounds of antibiotics due to blood in urine. No improvement. She completed her 1st round in March, 2nd in May and 3rd in July (a week ago.) She has begun to pee every 15 minutes or so and now it is happening inside more and more. We will be going back to the vet very soon. I think it is Cancer since the different antibiotics have not helped at all. She eats well – always has. I am afraid we are going to have to crate her. I love her dearly but I can’t afford for her to ruin our house. She doesn’t act as though she is in pain but she does act a little different every now and then. My vet mentioned a long multi-word disease and said he hopes its not that. I wish I could remember it. Does this ring a bell?

    Thanks for listening,

    • Hi Nancy, So sorry to hear about your little Scottie Maggie. My Maggie is a crate dog, and she loves it, it’s her little home within her home. No sure about what your Vet is describing, and I would be truly interested to know what you find out. Please keep me up to date if possible. Hearts and prayers that Maggie will be okay.https://www.wagthedoguk.com/wp-admin/edit-comments.php#comments-form

  17. My female spayed cocker that is 8 years old has had blood in urine. Was told she had two different kinds of crystals and was given antibiotic for 14 days. Did x-rays for stones, there was none. Checked for heart worms, none. Completed antibiotic and urine cleared but now just 3 or 4 days the blood is back. Sent another urine sample to vet early this morning and took her in for blood tests at lunch. Vet has no idea so far. Any ideas as to what may be causing this?

    • Wow that does sound strange. Did your vet find an infection or anything? He might have to do more tests to rule out some factors. Please keep us posted.

      • ruled out rat poison and determined it probably is either a bladder tumor or UTI that didn’t clear with the first 14 days. Since sonogram would need to be done to detect tumor and since I won’t do anything if a tumor is present, I ruled that out. Being treated with new diet to change PH and also on another 14 days antibiotic.

        • Let’s hope that works. Glad your vet checked for poison. Sometimes there can be toxic fertilizers on the ground that can make your pet ill.

  18. I noticed my dog is laying down all the times and when she gets up she cant walk, and if she does she shakes all over and then she falls down, she start peeing with blood and a very fishy smell in the urine

    • Oh that sounds terrible. I think you should take your dog to the vet immediately! Hope she gets better soon.

  19. hi i hope you can help me i have a puppy a 4 months old aspin ..this morning after she peed my mom notice that it has a little bit of blood so were just panic we dont know what to do .. before that last week were just notice also that she get listless that unusual ,we thought that maybe because we put a medicine for her worms or because her 2 tooth lost.

    • Hi Jean, So sorry to hear about your puppy. It might be an infection and I suggest that you and your mum take your puppy for a check up at the vet. Your vet will be able to check to see if there is any problems.

  20. we took our 8 year old female schnauzer pinky for a walk last night and noticed she had blood in her urine, the first time,we rushed her to the vet and he prescribed her pain killer’s and made an appointment in ten day’s to come back, do think this is cancer , a urinary tract infection, or stones

    • So sorry to hear about your schnauzer. Your Vet will be able to answer that question. It sounds like it may just be an infection. Did your vet take any samples? Urine? blood?

      • yes he took blood samples and said the cell’s look alittle abnormal she urinated the next day after taking her antibiotic’s and her urine was lite green what do you make of that

        • I think that would be a good sign. It is probably bile or something releasing from the bladder. It could also be because of the antibiotics. Just be sure to check in with your vet to make sure that its normal. Let’s hope the cells are okay.

  21. Just found your site. Although my problem is not with blood in urine, (Thank God), I read the posts. I learned a lot.

    Thanks for a great site.


    • Hi Pam,

      Thank you for your wonderful praise for our site. Glad your pup is healthy and that you learned a lot too!

  22. my female schnauzer had taken a ten day prescription of antibiotics for blood in the urine now she does not urinate as much before when she does it’s very little and the vet said her bladder was full why can’t she urinate normally is it stones or a blockage

    • Your vet will have to check if there is blockage. Is she drinking lots of water?

      • no she has not been drinking as much as she use to

        • What does the vet think? I’d add a little cranberry to her diet and keep talking to the vet.

  23. Last week our 4 year old shih chon had blood in her urine off & on. She had 4 accidents in the house which isn’t normal but I just had a hip replacement so the kids were responsible for walking the dog & I just chalked it up to her not getting out when needed. I now think otherwise. (She had a UTI 2 years ago but you could tell she was straining to pee more than bleeding – she is not straining to pee as of now). I took her to the vet today but didn’t have enough blood for blood work : (. They did an X-ray -no bladder stones which is what the dr thought. She did sonogram but couldn’t get a good read on their machine-but there is def a mass of something in the bladder. So I left w/pain meds-will try to get blood sample for tomorrow & they would like “Tilly” to see an Internal Medicine dr for a better sono along w/a diagnosis -treatment if needed (this is the 3 hr visit w/ a complete stomach, bladder, kidney etc as well as items mention for $850) or they do a sono of bladder only then give vet results & they work w/us for $350. Needless to say, I’m an emotional wreck & would spend a million dollars-my husband not so much. HELP OPINIONS!! Sorry so long!!!

    • Poor Tilly,
      Perhaps you can ask your vet to run a blood and urine test first to see if he can find the problem before the expenisve option? This is what our vet did with Maggie when she had blood in her pee.
      Very, very best wishes

  24. My dog is 3 years old and has blood in her urine. (First time I’ve seen this). She recently was in a tangle (not the winner), and had a blood blister by a bite (Vet confirmed). The blister went away, I was told to keep rubbing the spot and it got smaller. Is it possible the blood is exiting her body or is this another issue?

    • This is a hard one, but I would think it would be another issue. However please let your vet know.

  25. Hi trina my puppy is 5 months old and has suddenly started passing fairly thick blood when weeing. What could this be? He doesn’t seem to be in any discomfort or pain and is acting as normal. Is this serious?

    • Poor little puppy. Not sure, your best bet is to get your puppy to your vet to find out. It’s hard to tell if it is serious or just an infection.

  26. HI Trina, I have a 9 year old male Terrier he is fixed but I just noticed that he will pee normal but then he will run around like he’s marking his territory and when he does that is when he urinates blood what could be causing that

    • Hi Nicole, That does seem really odd. I’d suggest a trip to the vet so they can run some tests to see what is causing that. Hopefully nothing serious.

  27. My 2.5year old large male cross (with his bits) started peeing blood on Sunday. A trip to the emergency vet meant a costly experience, but I couldn’t afford the xrays and tests. My own vet on Tuesday said as the blood seems to be going away, she’ll prescribe more antibiotics (emergency vet only gave me 3 tablets) and some anti-inflammatory. He seems a little down, but otherwise in good health. The blood seems to already have cleared up, but does anybody else have experience of this and what did it turn out to be? The vets haven’t run any test, and I am so so worried as I hadn’t managed to get pet insurance yet – I was going to in June when the next pay slip came. Can anybody advise me please?

    • It could possibly be just an infection, considering it stopped after the pills. Just keep up to date with your vet and monitor your dog’s behaviour. Hopefully all will be well.

      • Ollie seems to be ok at the moment, the vet gave him another week of antibiotics for good measure, and they finished on Monday. I’m hoping so too, but he seems to be ok! Fingers crossed!

        • That is so good to hear!!!! I think the vet was right on giving him another week of antibiotic to get the infection out of his system.

          • Hi Trina
            Just to update you- Ollie ended up weeing more blood and we had him booked for a cystoscopy 15/7/16, where they found no problems with his bladder, and the xray showed no issues with his prostate. They sent a wee sample to the lab and found that he had struvite crystals in his bladder. (caused by a too alkaline diet or his infections. We won’t know until he has his next test in September)At least its not stones, eh? So he’s on a special diet, to hopefully clear up the worst of them, and he’s doing better. I just thought I should update in case anybody has a similar experience and is looking for answers:-) thanks again!

          • Thank you for keeping us updated. Yes I did hear that crystals could also be a problem. Hopefully this time all will go well. Poor pup!

  28. Hi, this morning I had my dog out for his usual duties and noticed traces of blood in his urine. Couple of days previous he had dihorriea . I’ve rung the vets and can’t take him until tomorrow. Worried sick about him hasn’t shown any signs of pain and is his normal self

    • It sounds to me that it is probably an infection. Hopefully everything is okay now with your dog. What did the vet say?

  29. Hi trina. As you said think it was a bladder infection. Managed to get a sample of his urine before we went in which helped the vet determine the problem so couple of injections later and a weeks supply of tablets and the wee man is back to Health as the blood has stopped

    • That is such great news! Glad to hear that your pup is better now. Hope he now stays happy and healthy!

  30. Hi, could really do with some advice. I have a 15 month old female Dogue De Bordeaux finished her first season 6-7 weeks ago, 3 weeks ago she started urinating pure blood. I took her emergency vets & was suggested trauma to the kidneys, given antibiotics & a pain jab & was told take a sample of her urine to my normal vet Monday morning, I did so & was told back that there was some sort of stones in her urine, was told needed a scan but couldn’t afford right away due to the last few expensive visits. I tried a home remedy of apple cider vinegar, seemed to work then the urine came back, I have taken her for a scan which there was no signs of any stones or problems in the kidneys or bladder, the next day (yesterday) she had to be sedated an had an xray & another scan for a second opinion, again all healthy nothing showing up, my vet has taken a sample directly from her kidney & has sent it off, the vet has said he is very confused as to whats going on as looking at her & examining her shes otherwise full health & looks great! The vet has said when the results come back if nothing shows up he’ll be looking to refer her to a specialist which I’m aware will run into the thousands, I was just wondering if anybody on here atall or you Trina have heard of anything like this before or happened to anyone. She isn’t spayed & its pure blood wees, its been 3 weeks tomorrow now its one wee normal the next blood, the blood is either bright red or dark. Any help would be so appreciated, thanks in advance.

    • I am so sorry to hear about your poor dog. Has anyone tried simple antibiotics in case it was an infection? Did she eat any bones that may of scratched her inside?