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Teaching your Dog to Ask Politely-Tips From Our Trainer

Teaching your Dog to Ask Politely-Tips From Our Trainer
 Tips From Our Trainer: Teaching Your Dog To Ask Politely 0 Comments

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For the first Tip From Our Trainer, Chopper P. asked, “How do I get my Pug to not bark at me for treats when I am sitting at my kitchen table talking to a family member?” Barking for treats or any other sort of attention can be a little annoying and rude to your guests/family members, I know :) The…

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  1. Great post!

    • I thought it was great and I always make Maggie say please which is a “sit”
      Thanks for sharing the post too!

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  • “Sounds like a very informative book. I have not, however, considered cooking for my dogs. Most days, I don't even like to cook for myself. I do it, though, because I want to eat healthy. Fortunately, there are some good healthy dog food brands out there. Expensive, yes. But at least I don't have to cook. :P”
    -- Dawn

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