Tips For A Wagging Spring for Dogs- Infograph

spring tips for dogs

Oh my dog… It’s Spring! And that means it’s time for a little Spring cleaning and new smells, sunny days and hopefully a few muddy puddles to explore. It’s also a great time to try something new with you dog!

To get that tail a wagging check out our Spring for dogs infograph for some great ideas.

Spring for dogs
What things do you do in Spring for dogs?

  1. I like all the tips! A good reminder of the of things I need to do for our dog. Keeping the surroundings safe for her.

    • Thanks! Every year I try to do the whole Spring clean and that includes Maggie too! This year is easier due to we’re on the move back home.

      • I know what you are saying. When weather is really warm I will give Biscuit a bath, but with warm water and rinse or maybe take to my vet. There is a very sweet girl that gives baths and trust them. Seems so much to do, but little time. Sound like you are doing a good job on the spring cleaning also.

        • Doing my best on Spring cleaning to get myself and Maggie ready for our move!