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How to Keep Your Dog Cool on Hot Summer Days Info-Graph

How to Keep Your Dog Cool on Hot Summer Days Info-Graph

It’s been really hot these past few days and we’re expecting more warm sunny days to come. So my peep is in full swing to try and keep me cool and entertained at the same time. It’s always important to keep us dogs cool, relaxed and hydrated during these sweaty hot days! A hot dog is something to eat not to be, is what I think! So remember to keep your dog cool this summer, make sure:

  • your dog has access to fresh water all the time.
  • has a cool and shady place to hang out.
  • Does not get over-heated while out walking.

Our friends at The Uncommon Dog made this cute info-graph with tips and tricks to do just that!

How to Keep Your Dog Cool

tips on keeping your dog cool

Enhanced by ZemantaWhat tips do you do to keep your furry pets cool in the summer?
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Barks From The Pack

  • “Not sure why I have seen female dogs hide kibble in corners? Not planning for a future need?

    Learning from specific experiences, having memories? So why then if for example, you happen to cut your dog's nails too short, and one bleeds why is the dog running the other way next time?

    I have hundreds of such examples.

    -- jacquelin

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