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Easy Cool Pop Treats for Dogs Recipe – Chilly Treats

Easy Cool Pop Treats for Dogs Recipe - Chilly Treats

There is nothing better that a cool treat on a hot summer day. Besides being tasty, they help hydrate and cool me down at the same time, perfect after a hot walk or just to cool down in the middle of the day.

So if your thinking of making a cool and refreshing treat for you pup? Your going to love this easy as a dog wagging tail of a recipe! Our cool pop treats for dogs are as easy as 1, 2, 3. Why not make some this weekend?


white-chicken-stock (Photo credit: Island Vittles)

1. Grab one cup chicken stock and 1/2 cup of natural yogurt.

2.Give it whirl to blend and then pour into treat size servings ready to freeze.

3. Pop in the freezer to freeze until frozen.

cold treats for dogs


When your making the treats freeze them in a size that is a good fit for your dog. If your dog is a gobbler trying making a large one that he can lick or freeze the mixture in one of his stuff-able toys, such as a Kong.

how to make frozen dog treats

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  1. That’s a good idea, it’s so simple.

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  • “Interesting, I always just figured that hyperactivity or other traits like that was just part of the dogs breed or personality, but these are great ideas to help dogs that seem anxious or over excited. We don't have a dog right now, buthope to in the near future, this is great information to have on hand :-)”
    -- Dawn

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