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I’ve Gone Raw With My Dog Food! BARF! [Review & Giveaway]

I've Gone Raw With My Dog Food! BARF! [Review & Giveaway]

About Raw Dog Food

Raw feeding is the natural diet of raw meat, bones, and organs that are nutritionally superior to cooked meat or commercial pet food. A careful plan of a raw diet gives us dogs numerous health benefits and hails back to the days when we were wild and what we ate before we became domesticated. (I’ll spare you the gory details, but you get the idea).

Did you know that racing greyhounds and sled dogs have long eaten raw food diets.

Benefits of the raw dog food diet include:

  • Shiner coats
  • Healthier skin
  • Cleaner teeth
  • Higher energy levels
  • Smaller poo

Potential risks include:

  • Treat to peeps and dogs from bacteria while handling the raw meat.
  • An unbalanced diet if not giving a complete range of nutrition.
  • There is the potential of choking on whole bones, breaking teeth or causing an internal puncture.

Why I gave it a try and liked it

raw dog food in bowlWell as you all know, I am a home cooked dog to begin with, with the added benefit of a tasty kibble mixed in for crunch. It’s just how I like it. However my peep has been reading about a raw diet and wondered if I would like it due to she felt the benefits we’re perfect for me.

With a raw diet, my peep gave me about 3% percent of my ideal weight. Just so you know I weigh 10 pounds and 6 oz. (Yes I have slimmed down from last year!) Now the reason why she gave 3% was that I’m an active dog, with my writing for Wag The Dog UK, runs on the commons and all my social engagements, I need the extra food to maintain my weight.

Now some dogs will take some time to fully adjust to it’s new raw diet, so give them time to adjust. For me my peep started out by giving this to me only at dinner and only a small amount.  She also watched me eat it to see if all was well, yes even my peep was nervous about my new raw diet. However after my first sniff, I loved it and told her it was fine to give me more!

Take things slowly with introducing new food sources. Each dog is different but rushing things is one of the main reasons people feel their dog cannot cope with raw….

I Use “They Love It” 100% Minced Chicken Dog Food

They Love it makes a range of minced chicken using human grade chicken and nothing is added to it all all. It’s as natural as possible and made from fresh meaty chicken bones which gives it a 15% bone content and can be used as a daily meal. There’s no heads, feathers of feet. Even though my grand-peep loves ordering chicken feet from the Chinese take-away, but that’s another story. There is also no dairy or animal by-products. Basically pretty good stuff to get my teeth around.

They Love it is owned by their parent company which is a chicken processing plant based in Benfleet, Essex which has over 30 years of combined poultry and butchery experience.

Their parent company dress whole fresh chickens for the restaurant and catering trade and have been in the business for over 27 years.

With research and dedication, they developed the They Love It range of dog food utilizing the products from their production.  100% fresh human grade chicken for dogs!

minced chicken raw dog foodThey Love it was kind enough to give us a 20 kg box (44 lbs.) of their best selling chicken mince for me to try. It was delivered inside a polystyrene box which was placed inside a cardboard box which is sealed, straight from their company to my front door. The mince was sent frozen and cut into 30 blocks of about 600 grams each.

My peep put 29 blocks into our freezer and put one in a container and popped in the fridge to defrost. She used one block for my meals within 2 days, if there was mince left over she tossed it out.

The Results

raw dog food taste review

well I was at my vet the other day for my annual check up. Thankfully this time my peep did not schedule it on my birthday.  Considering I am now reaching my “senior years”, I’m going to be 8 this year, my vet gave me a blood test to see how everything internal was working.

My vet was very pleased to find me in stellar health! Good healthy skin, coat and teeth on the outside and healthy organs on the inside. I’m an uber fit dog!

Now I know raw is not for everyone, but I can honestly say I feel great and I love the taste. Don’t tell my peep, but I’m not as crazy about her cooking these days, unless of course she’s making herself a steak!

Enter to Win A I Love It Minced Chicken Box for your dog to try!

Two lucky dog winners will receive a 20 kg of I Love It Minced Chicken (retail value £25)

How can you win? Easy! Just tell us has your dog ever tried raw  in the comments below. Easy peasy! Also you can get extra entries by using the Gleam form!

When does it start and end? The contest starts now. The contest ends on 9th of April 2015

Who can enter: Anyone who is a resident of the UK and over 18

One winner will be drawn at random.

Gather your pack of friends & family Spread the word and give a howl. One entry per person.

I Love It Raw Dog Food

Check them out

Website: TheyLoveIt


Twitter: @They_Love_It

Contact: info@theyloveit.co.uk

  1. No never

  2. I had two Alaskan Malamutes and if not given a raw diest – they would get sick. It has to be more natural after all…

  3. My little dog Barney loves chicken, but we always cook it. Never given to him raw.

  4. No, my dog hasn’t tried raw food.

  5. To be honest I haven’t, and wouldn’t of thought of it, only bones, but you have given me some thoughts to look into it, thanks

  6. My lab Wilf has tried a raw diet. He loved it and his weight and coat improved significantly.

  7. I’ve always been a bit sceptical of raw food diets but after reading this I might have to give it a go with my “old man” (11-year old black lab)

  8. I’ve never tried raw feeding but would love to win to try and convert our two dogs x

  9. No but I used to feed another dog raw green tripe and it lived to 20!

  10. No, not yet

  11. Not yet, but would be willing to try – heard good things 🙂

  12. No she hasn’t 🙂

  13. no i have,nt but might

  14. No it hasnt tried raw

  15. I feed raw food to my 3 border collies & they love it, but am rather forgetful about getting it out of the freezer on time, so often supplement with ‘standard’ dog food – much to their disgust!

  16. No never tried it

  17. no but would love to try as 1 of mine needs to go on a diet

  18. We tried with our last dog who passed from kidney failure but would love to get out lab onto raw

  19. No we have never tried raw but would love to

  20. No weve not tried that with our dog. I can imagine theyd be smacking their lips at it though!

  21. Yes,our 3 Jack Russells have been on a wide variety of raw for about a year now-best thing we ever did for them! We would never go back to the tinned stuff!

  22. never tried it but would love to give it a go

  23. No never

  24. No, my dog has never tried raw but I have a feeling he would love it.

  25. never tried this yet

  26. never given raw food to my dogs

  27. Never tried but have considered it for my Sprocker

  28. i used tripe befor it came frozen and we defrosted what we needed x the dogs enjoyed it

  29. No i havn’t tried, but am not against giving it a go if my dog likes it x

  30. My dogs have been eating burns dry because one of our dogs is a bit smelly and it all stopped when we started them on burns. thank you

  31. Not a full raw diet

  32. My little dog jessie loves chicken,

  33. no not yet!

  34. id give it a go

  35. No but I feel a raw food diet would benefit them both

  36. Not yet, but I am intrigued, and definately considering going raw, it makes a lot of sense!

  37. No never – interesting idea

  38. My dog absolutely loves her raw food diet! Turkey drumsticks are defo her favourite.

  39. no I haven’t done raw food for my girl and certainly not poultry-I always thought raw poultry can carry campylobactor to dogs

  40. No, none of my dogs have tried a raw diet

  41. My dog has never tried a raw diet.

  42. no i would worry about his farts

  43. No she just eats normal dog food

  44. Yes my dog is eating nutriment right now

  45. No my dog hasn’t tried a raw diet

  46. They eat some raw meat, but it is not their total diet.

  47. I have a whippet and a lurcher, they do eat raw now and again, they love it.

  48. Not yet

  49. No, but she’d like to try

  50. I give her raw bones sometimes but have never tried it exclusively

  51. Not yet but it has been something I have seen articles on more and more lately. Think I will have a proper read up and see if it would suit our two 🙂 x

  52. No, we’ve not yet tried a raw diet with our dog.

  53. Yes and they definitely preferred it, the woman in the pet shop weighed them and told me the amount they should be getting but I never felt it filled them up, so ended up feeding them more which then lead to it being very expensive.

  54. Yes my dog has a raw diet. He can only have chicken, pork or Turkey due to allergies to other foods.

  55. No I’ve never tried it but I’m sure it would be gratefully received!

  56. Never Tried raw food Before Have been searching for alternatives Due to skin issues for my Boy

  57. Yes she loves it (a collie)

  58. No, I’ve read about it for cats, but not thought about the dog

  59. No but it makes a lot of sense though seems more natural 🙂

  60. No not yet lulu is quite picky but I bet she would like it.

  61. No, never tried him on one x

  62. No never .

  63. Yes, we have tried a raw diet, but my dogs lost weight. Now I just give them raw bones or raw meals as a treat, because they really did enjoy it!

  64. Yes, my 2 like frozen raw beef and tripe from the pet shop but mostly on a senior mix now they are getting older.

  65. No, but we haven’t had him long and are struggling to get him to eat anything aside from turkey. So very willing to give this a go

  66. No!

  67. no never

  68. Never tried my dog on this, but im sure he wouldn’t turn his nose up at it.

  69. I feed my 2 rescue dogs raw….they love it and it made a visible effect on their teeth and coats 🙂

  70. No we haven’t tried it with the pooches but have thought about trying it 🙂

  71. never tried

  72. no my dog hasn’t

  73. Did try raw in the past, they did well on it, but my source left the area. Keen to try it again.

  74. no

  75. no never

  76. yes, I give it to all my animals sometimes

  77. No.

  78. Always been scared to give my dogs raw meat

  79. I do feed him raw meat alongside his tinned food and biscuits.

  80. No, weve never tried it

  81. no he hasnt

  82. Our Mini Dachshund, Milo, tried raw after visiting family with two dogs (a Welsh Springer Spaniel and a Working Cocker Spaniel). Obviously Milo’s portions are much smaller but he has not missed a meal since we swapped!

  83. Yes and she absolutely loves it! I do feed her a little high quality kibble with it now as I was struggling to keep her at a healthy weight as she ran off all the calories from the meat, but her diet is primarily raw meat. Since I changed her diet to that she has had no more ear or eye infections yet before she was getting them loads, and I am forever getting comments from other owners about her gorgeous shiny coat, bright eyes and healthy teeth, and they always ask what’s my secret so I’m always happy to tell them about the BARF diet, I firmly believe if we put good quality and nutrition into our beloved dogs then we will get longer out of them and they will have a happier and healthier life.

  84. No

  85. Never tried it but makes sense

  86. We have been looking into it but our Bella is yet to try raw food. X

  87. Never tried, but I bet they would like it.

  88. never but after watching a programme about it I would try it for them

  89. Monty loves to munch just about everything, including my socks but I’ve never tried him on a raw diet.

  90. I don’t feed a full raw diet, but I do give raw bones and chicken wings to help clean teeth and I do sometimes give things such as chicken necks, when I can get hold of them!

    Switching to raw is something I would love to do, but I haven’t managed it yet

  91. I have an 8 year old dog and i have never tried him on raw foods he loves spag bol and sunday dinners lol x x

  92. never tried it

  93. never thought of it before now.

  94. My dog hasn’t but I would love to give it a go as it sounds great!

  95. Not yet!

  96. My Afghans need a high fat diet so raw for them, my others have complete dried food

  97. No they haven’t but I’m sure they’d love to give it a go!

  98. When I was younger we had large alsatian dogs and we used to feed them raw. Our current dog is a small (jack russell crossed with shitzu) and we havent tried him on it – I think raw food is a better diet especially for working and bigger dogs though

  99. I have only had my rescue dog for a month…would love to try her on some raw food

  100. No, never x

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