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How To Choose The Right Dog For You

How To Choose The Right Dog For You

Thinking of getting a dog to join your family? Well choosing a dog to become part of your life is just like finding the perfect partner that connects and enhances your life. Big choices in life, but always worth it when love is concerned. So that’s why it’s important that you choose the right dog for you.

There are so many amazing pooches to choose from! Our furry  friends come in all shapes, sizes and dog personalities too.

If you are like my peep, you probably already gush and awe at every little wagging pup that you pass. However finding “the one” is what truly counts. When my peep was thinking of adding a dog to her family, she had to consider her lifestyle. First she was living in New York on the fourth floor of a loft building in the middle of the West Village. She had already had two cats and worked full-time, but with a flexible schedule. She also knew New York was not the easiest place to have a dog, especially when it came to space and good green places to walk a dog.

She wanted a dog that loved to walked but didn’t need being rigorous exercised. She needed a smaller dog that could navigate the streets and of course she wanted a wagging and expressive tail. It all summed up to being me! The happy-go-lucky beagle. Oh yeah, she also wanted a dog that was easy to train, but that is another story.

Just like peeps, dogs come in

  • All shapes and sizes
  • Long hair, short hair
  • curly, double coats and wavy hair
  • With tails, without tails, curly or whippy
  • Some need more training that others (like beagles!)
  • Some are walkers, some are runners and there are some that will just enjoy your lap.

Which kind of dog are you looking for? You may have an image of what the right dog for you in your mind, but is your heart open to a furry perfect that you weren’t quite expecting?

Now that you have all these questions floating in your head why not check out this handy info-graph for James Wellbeloved. It can help  you narrow down your perfect choice for the right dog to share your life with!

right dog info graph

  1. Deciding to have a dog is a huge responsibility. They aren’t toys with which you’ll stop playing once you get bored. They are living, breathing, intelligent, social animals and you must carefully decide are you capable of caring for one, and if so, which one. Gather as much information as you can beforehand and choose wisely.

    No matter who you choose one thing is for certain – a dog will light up your entire life. They have the capacity to become your greatest companions, friends and allies.

    • I could not agree more! When you are ready, have the time and researched… a dog is such joy!

  2. Yes,to choose a dog that become a part of anyone life is just like finding the perfect partner that connects and enhances anyone life.I think it is important to choose any other thing of our life but this article very useful for choosing a dog as part of life.

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