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Depressed? -How Your Dog Can Improve Your Mood

improve your mood

They say that dog is man’s best friend, and this is because dogs have been helping man and improving their mood for a very long time. Dogs are loyal companions, and this loyalty is expressed through unconditional love and a constant need to please. If you suffer

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Great Outdoor Activities To Enjoy With Your Dog

dog play ideas

Time outside is very valuable to your pooch. If you are venturing out to enjoy some fresh air, you’ll want to make your time worthwhile. While fetch is a fabulous game, even dogs can get bored with the monotony. Why not try one of these fun outdoor

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Mobile Pet Training Apps – How To Prevent Accidents With Well Behaved Pets

mobile training apps

Who would have though that mobile technology would be useful not only to humans but for cats and dogs as well? Today you can find apps that can help you manage and train your pet cat or dog with a simple touch of the screen. As long

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The Loss Of A Beloved Pet: Advice From Those Who Have Been Through It.

The Loss Of A Beloved Pet

When a beloved family pet passes away it can be an incredibly hard time. For many people, the effect can be comparable to that of losing a human loved one, a situation which pet owners are often led to believe is foolish by those who haven’t experienced

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How To Choose Your Next Kennel For Your Puppy

Buying a dog kennel can take plenty of consideration and head scratching. Initially, dog kennels may all look the same aside from the size and the design. However, there are a number of things that need to be considered and come into play when choosing a kennel

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Understanding Dog Aggression

dog aggession

Aggression in dogs is the most common and most serious behavior problem. As a pet owner, it may be difficult to accept that your dog’s behavior is too aggressive, but it’s important to asses the situation as soon as you notice it. Aggression refers to a wide

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How To Keep Your Sofa Looking Fresh When You Have Pets

Keep Your Sofa Looking Fresh When You Have Pets

If you own a pet, you’ll probably need to address, sooner or later, how you aim to keep your sofa in tip-top condition. It’s a well-known fact that pets are drawn to sofas and other furniture, and can easily scratch and ruin treasured items in the home.

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Signs A Dog Might Bite

how to know when a dog will bite

For most animal lovers, it can seem almost impossible not to shower any dog in sight with love and attention. After all, the four-legged friend is supposed to be “a man’s best friend.” While most socialized, well-trained dogs tend to fit this common perception, not all share

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Canine Kitchen Disasters – A Loveable Labrador Diet

Anyone who has ever had a dog has had a food-related disaster. Whether it involved an actual food item or an item mistaken by your pooch for food, chances are it had the same unfortunate outcome. I’ve lost count of how many socks, underwear and cuddly toys

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Why Dogs Attack Children And How To Protect Your Child

why dogs attach children

Dog attacks are surprisingly very common in the country, and the unfortunate victims are usually children. In fact, about 4.5 million people are bitten by canines every year and around 885,000 of those victims require medical attention. Over half of those bitten were children. This information is based

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