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[Pet’s Names] Confessions of a name-changing addict

pet names for dogs and cats

Talking to my mom by phone one evening I was sidetracked by my cat, Forest. I spoke to him with his full name, “Forest Horatio Maxwell Fluffy Bottom,” and my mom responded with a dramatic, “What?!” I had to explain myself. I’m not sure why I had

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Dog Saliva Licks: Love’em Or Ditch Them For Good?

are dog saliva good cover

  Jordan Walker found out early that having pets could make you calmer and happier. Since then, he has been interested in animals generally, speaking about these at Coops And Cages and sharing other information he could find in blogs like this one. In this article, he

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Your Four-Legged Therapist [Pet-Therapy]


Your four-legged friends can be a handful, you now only have multiple left shoes, never again will you be able to go to the toilet in peace and you have accepted the fact that you will be wearing dog slobber as an accessory to work most mornings,

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Why Doggie Daycare is Fun For Your Pooch

doggie day care cover

A friend of mine is moving to New York and will be working full-time in the big apple this fall and she’ll be living right in Greenwich village a vibrate and fun location to live and work. Her dog Todd is going with her too and both

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Yes You’re Right, I’m a spoiled Dog But Here’s Why

spoiled dog cover

One of things that my peep likes about me having a blog is all the wonderful pet lovers she meets from all over the world. They have been really supportive about our blog and our products, really knowledgeable about pet care, funny and passionate about all things

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1, 2, 3, Little Summertime Videos Of Me

movie making

Awww…. There is nothing better than getting a sweet surprise while checking out your email. It is so much better that all the spam that I need to delete.  Geez, all those people from Nigeria are always wanting to send me loads of money, but as dog,

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Up On The Rooftop -By Tracy Ahrens

up on the roof top by tracy ahrens cover

By Tracy Ahrens   My neighbor, Kathie told me how one day the police came to my house while I was gone. She called them in a panic because she walked outside of her house next door and spotted my 60-pound dog, Trucker, on my roof standing

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Dog Essentials – A Doggie Checklist

dog essential check list cover

A Dog Essentials Checklist Dogs aren’t that complicated as animals go. They’re fairly easy to keep happy and safe and if you are a responsible owner then you can’t wish for a more loyal companion. Now, you might already know everything I’m about to go through on

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How to make your home more dog friendly

Being a dog lover is one thing. But being able to care for a dog is completely another. I don’t mean to sound way serious but all dog-owners-to-be need to understand that in order to keep your dog happy, healthy and active you home needs to be

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Working Like A Dog -Beagle Style

working like a dog

Today in the USA is bring your dog to work day, and I hope you are all getting packed up and ready to join your peep at their place of work. We dogs in the UK get to go to work with our peeps on the 27th

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