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Pet Food? -How Much Do You Know About Your Dog’s Food?

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As the pet food industry continues to grow, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of the vast amount of information about pet nutrition and dog food brands. While there’s a great deal of valuable sources available today that liberated pet owners and allows us to find

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Are Pet Food Labels Easily Readable?

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Our beloved pets are everything to us. When you come home from work or even just go out for ten minutes, they’re all over you with excitement every single time. They go out of their way to make us happy, because that’s all they ever want, is

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7 Most Toxic Dog Foodstuffs to Protect Your Dogs From

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Dogs are fond of sitting next to dinner tables, looking up contemplatively to persuade their masters to give them a small bite of foodstuff off their plates. As a result, the habit of feeding dogs with small treats and table scrapes is common among dog lovers. If

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Myth: Raw Meaty Bones Are Not Good for Small Dogs

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Raw meat for pet dogs has always received negative flak as far as health issues are concerned. Due to this logic, many pet owners have considered cooked meat to be healthy for their pets. Or is it? Maybe it’s time to re-think the unfavorable rumors circulating around

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Toxic Food For Dogs Info-Graph

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When it comes to our dogs, most of us know that there are some foods that are off-limits. Although we love sharing tasty treats with our canine companions, there can be some troubling results. Some toxic foods for dogs may only cause mild digestive upsets, others can

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Itchy Dog? Could It Be The Wheat In My Food?

Have you ever wondered why you have an itchy dog? You already know it’s not fleas or parasites, due to you make sure your dog is treated and bug free. Was your dog bit by a spider or insect, which can be fairly common? Nope it wasn’t

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Dog Food Ingredients – Labels Simply Explained

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Wouldn’t it be nice to believe that the dog food ingredients in your dog’s kibble was  healthy and risk free.  However when it comes to the food our dogs eat, it has developed for them on a parallel in quality with the food developed for us peeps.

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The Health Benefits of Premium Dry Dog Food

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Dog owners love their dogs, and most regard them as family members, rather than just pets. They want their dogs to be cheery, healthy, and live long, fulfilled lives, just as they do any other member of the family. Smart dog owners know the best way to

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Keeping Your Dog Safe from Toxic Pet Foods [Infographic]

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My grandmother was a dog lover, but she always had one hard and fast rule when it came to dogs: No human food. No matter how sad her dogs would look hoping for a little holiday turkey or some gravy, she never gave in to their begging.

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Good Nuts & Bad Nuts For Dogs -Know Your Nut & Why

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I get asked all the time why nuts are not great for dogs. Especially considering one of my favourite treats is made with peanut butter. But all nuts are not created equal, nutty I know but you should be aware that some nuts are very dangerous for

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