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Review: Flexadin -Keeping An Old Dog Healthy & Happy

flexadin cover

Maggie who is now 10 years old is definitely considered a senior dog. In fact in human years she would be around 70. And as her owner, I can see that she is not the crazy beagle she was in her younger years. Don’t get me wrong,

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Seaweed For Dogs Gift Box Giveaway

seaweed for dogs cover2

Seaweed For Dogs was kind enough to send us a package of their Canident Meat Treats to try out and being the beagle that I am, I was wag n’ ready to give them a try to see how tasty they could be as a treat. Did

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Say Goodbye To Stinky Collars – An Autumn Must Have

stinky dog collar cover

If you talk to any dog owner and ask what is possibly the worse smell their dog can muster they will say it’s the grubby wet dog smell. Something we all know about, especially on Autumn days which are wet and muddy. Stinky dogs, stinky collars….ugh! That

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Dog Products Online -Fetch A Woofy Bargain

Let’s face it, dogs love toys, beds, treats and food. And you love to spoil us too! However keeping an endless supply of treats that get gobbled up fast and toys that either go missing or are torn into little pieces, replacing can well, become costly. But

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A Yummy Natural Treat With Benefical Hemp

natural treat

Treats, treats, and more treats, it’s just a beautiful word to hear. Dogs love treats and peeps love giving treats, especially ones that are natural and good for us too. So imagine my surprize when my peep offered me a natural treat made with hemp. Now you

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Crufts Human Treats For Your Dog Loving Peep

crufts human treats

I love dog treats, be they big or small, chewy or crunchy or somewhere in between, if they are there for the taking, I am a wagging! So every dog knows that when they get a treat, it’s because their owner is saying thank you. They might

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Beco Dog Food Review – Grain Free, Gluten Free and Tasty

beco dog food review

Gluten free helps my tummy, grain free means that my skin won’t itch and made with ingredients that makes my tail wag. Yup you guessed it, I am sharing with you my Beco dog food review. A few weeks back, one of the dog friendly peeps from Beco

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Canidae Puppy Food Giveaway

canidae puppy food

It’s time for another great giveaway! Today we have an awesome giveaway of Canidae puppy food from our friends at Canidae Dog Food which will come in handy for all those new puppies out there. This is our way of saying thanks to our readers for being part

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Naturo Dog Food 30 Day Taste Challenge & Review

naturo dog food cover

A few months ago my peep was contacted by Naturo the dog food company that uses 100% natural ingredients and wanted to know if I would be interested in trying their complete dog food for a month.  Considering I usually have home cooked food with kibble they

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Pet Portraits By Paint Your Life- Review

Custom pet portraits have to be the very best gift to receive or give to a special pet lover, especially when you can turn your favourite photo into a stunning piece of art. Pet portraits hold a special place in the heart of the person who receives

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