5 Homemade Dog Treats For Pooches With Allergies

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Just like humans, dogs can suffer from food allergies – which can make feeding them a little tricky. Dogs can be allergic to almost anything, but some of the most common irritants include: corn, soy, wheat, dairy, egg, chicken, beef, pork, rabbit and fish. Making your own

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Holiday Dog Treats Recipe Book [ Free ]

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sk the season to be treating your fellow dog with some special holiday dog treats! With all the buzz going on in the kitchen, family, friends and cheer makes It a wonderful time of the year. And your dog knows something is going on too, he can

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Kidney Crisps: A Ridiculously Easy Dog Training Treat Recipe

dog training treats recipe

Our dog training treat recipe has to be the easiest thing to make that your dog will love. Kidney Crisps are super tasty and have a great crunch just like a crisp. My peep usually grabs a few and uses them when she’s walking me. You’d be

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Savoury Frozen Dog Treat Recipe – A Lush Liver Delight

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Whew it’s sure been hot these last few days here in the UK, in fact we just experienced one of the hottest day on record, where it reached up to 36° Celsius and let me tell you I was one hot dog! After a long walk in

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Cheese Burger Dog Treats to Crunch & Munch [Recipe]

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I bet you noticed this summer while you were barbequing, that you had a devoted dog right beside you checking on your cooking skills. If you are anything like me I like to start off in the kitchen oversee the prep, sniff out the ingredients and hope

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I Heart My Pet craft project-Salmon Pomegranate Molasses Dog Treats

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This year I was lucky enough to share my homemade treats with NOAH (National Office of Animal Health with their ‘I heart my pet’ campaign which encourages owners to seek expert advice on helping to keep their pets healthy. As a pet-lover myself, I know that caring

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Autumn Dog Treats -Pumpkin Peanut Butter Bites

Mmmm, the smells of Autumn baking away in your oven just smells heavenly and our pumpkin, peanut butter, and cinnamon dog treats do just that. Besides being a classic favorite of mine, my peep loves how wonderful the kitchen smells after she has finished baking up my

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Easy Cool Pop Treats for Dogs Recipe – Chilly Treats

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There is nothing better that a cool treat on a hot summer day. Besides being tasty, they help hydrate and cool me down at the same time, perfect after a hot walk or just to cool down in the middle of the day. So if your thinking

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3 Great Recipes for Homemade Pet Treats – Get Cooking!

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With all the food scares we get these days, with Big Bad People running our food production, putting fillers and strange non-food ingredients in it, there’s a worrying possibility that dog and cat food could be the same. We love our pets so much that it seems

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Nutty Bacon Treats- Dog Licking Good Recipe

bacon dog treat recipe

When I was out on my daily stroll through my favorite blogs today I stopped and sniffed out this wonderful tasty recipe. I don’t know about you, but I just love bacon and I think Emily from Life as Alfie has cooked up some wonderful treats that

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