Doggie Dining Manners

Dog dining tips

Great restaurants that serve me indoors or outdoors when the weather is good often have water bowls for me or a treat to reward me for being a well-behaved pup.  To keep your owners taking you to these great establishments it is important that you stay stress-free and not bother other diners or other lucky dogs. This is not the time to sniff each other, save it for the playground. What you need to do as a dog is make sure that your owner is in control and you have your best manners front and center.

Here are some tips for good dog etiquette:

  • Have your owners bring a portable water bowl, maybe a few treats or one of your favorite chews. It Keeps me entertained while you are enjoying your meal.
  • My owners find it best to go out for lunch or dinner after I have had my daily meal and that way I am not sitting there starving while you munch.
  • Always make sure that I am well-trained and I have been socialized with people and other dogs. Especially with children, due to they always tend to come up to say hello and give you a pet.
  • If you’re not familiar with the restaurant, have your owners call ahead and see what the policy is all about.
  •  Leash me to a chair leg and keep me from socializing with other diners or employees, unless welcomed. Keep me out of the server’s path at all times to avoid tripping them when carrying dishes in or out.
  • This should go without saying, but dogs are not allowed on the chairs or tables. Even though there are a few pubs that have to encourage me to sit on the bench!
  • If you f forgot my water bowl, some restaurants have their own bowls, just ask, I’ll appreciate it.
  • Considering we are all out and being social, please do not let me eat or drink out of the restaurant dishes, they will only show that we all have bad manners.
  • In the event that I have an accident, clean it up right away and apologize profusely. A dog that isn’t house trained shouldn’t be brought into any restaurant, period.
  • Sometimes my owners take me for a great big walk or hike so that I am all tired out and just want to nap under the table.

It’s all common sense, and we do really enjoy being out and about with you, so don’t be shy and bring us along.