What’s a Wag Review

What’s a Wag Review?

It’s important to know how we review the places I have been so you can understand why we wrote what we did about the location. A dog wagging review is a firsthand account of places where you can bring your dog based on my personal experience.  I rate the towns by a five-dog wag system. Five is the best of the best to travel with your dog. All restaurants and places that I suggest are my personal favorites and are worth a bark or two.

It’s also important to know that at wagthedoguk.com we don’t have an agenda beyond helping people find the best dog experience they can.  We’re not a tourist site for people; we’re a fun place for dogs and the owners to travel with them. If your owner’s need more information, there are loads of places where they can find out more, I am sure they already have a favorite website or book that they check for more details.

We want to recognize and reward those towns, hotels, and restaurants that go that extra mile, putting in a special effort to make dogs and their owners feel welcome.  And those we feel haven’t done so well, we want them to improve – it can only be good business to have a happy waggy dog enjoying their services.