Spring is in the Air…Tips for a Spring Squeaky Dog

spring tips for dogs

Spring is in the Air…Tips for a Spring squeaky Dog

My favorite time of year; not to hot and not to cold, just warmer temperatures and more sunshine that feels great on my back. Heading to the parks I love, tooling around the neighborhood meeting new dogs, and all the activities that we dogs enjoy.

spring tips for dogs

That is why it’s important to make sure you’re owner gets ready for the shift in temperature, and have your best paws forward.

So here are some of my spring time dog cleaning tips to get ready for fresh and sunny walks and have a dog wagging time looking good.

Brushes, combs and clips: A great time to sterilize my beauty tools, give them a soak in hot water and a mild soap.

Speaking of beauty: This is a great time to give me a fantastic whole hearty brushing. Then

give me a dog loving scrub in the bath, sometimes this will help release my undercoat and then repeat with another great brushing which will let me feel great by releasing my winter coat. You could also add a little conditioning treatment to moisturize my coat if you like. Check my ears and give them a good clean. We long ear dogs need this a lot, especially in the summer months.   Have my nails filed down. Clean my teeth and/ or get them checked by the vet.

spring tips for dogs

Protection: This is the perfect time to make sure that I have the proper protection for all those pesky bugs that seem to flourish in spring. Make sure I have my special collar or medication to keep the nasty pests away. Also when outdoors, note that some plants and fertilizers are toxic to dogs when swallowed. Do a survey of the area to see if there are spots your dog should avoid for his safety and keep an eye out that we do not eat anything we shouldn’t.

My Belongings: This is a great time to throw out the old and bring in the new, or at least a good cleaning so that everything is fresh again. Freshen up by washing my bedding, blankets, and soft toys. Wipe down my fun rubber toys with a mixture of water and vinegar. Throw out anything that is ragged, torn or in bad shape

Replace my collar: If it has been awhile, it might be the time to check how my collar looks and behaves. It might be too tight for me or wearing thin. A nice spring collar could just be the answer. If my collar looks good give it a clean, by hand washing, leather cleaner and conditioner, or even tossing them in the machine.

new collar for spring

My dinner Set:  You should be cleaning these every time I eat anyways…No one likes eating out of dirty bowls, including you. However this is the time to see how my bowls are holding up…Are they in one piece or has the rubber gone loose? Are their chips in my china? Are there grooves and chinks in my plastic bowls that could hold bacteria? If so replacing these could be a good idea.

Picking up the yard: I am going to start spending more time out here enjoying the new warmer weather, so this could be a good time for you to collect the debris that has been lying around all winter. Pick up those small rocks that could get stuck in my paws, old twigs that I might just start chewing and any other junk that has blown in our yard.