Chic Wagging Paris

dog friendly Paris

Now this is a city that knows how to treat dogs royally! Paris welcomes pets inside restaurants, so, after an afternoon of touring this fantastic city with its cobbled sidewalks, expansive boulevards, and riverside walks, pause for a bottle of French wine and a baguette with dog and watch fashionable chic dogs and their owners parade around the city.

Dogs in Paris lead a very sophisticated life.  They are welcomed in bakeries, cafes, shops, bars, and hotels. In fact it’s hard to find a hotel, regardless of your budget that will not let your dog stay.  Just make sure you ask if they have a size or number restriction. Most of the hotels also seem to charge a fee for your dog to stay.

Now there are some places that we dogs are not allowed. We can’t see the Mono Lisa or view any type of art in any of the museums. There are signs that say no dogs in street markets, however I did see a lot of dogs shopping with their owner and the market stall people did not seem to mind. I shopped all the time at my indoor market in the 16th district of Paris and did not have a problem. Also there are some gardens and parks that do not like us there, and if you see a children’s play-ground, turn tail and find another part of the park to roam.

As will most things in Paris, petite dogs seem to be able to enjoy anything and everything with being bijou and all. If you are a larger dog, your owner might need to ask permission to be allowed into grocery stores or bakeries and inside some restaurants. Legally, all dogs must be on a leash in Paris, although you’ll often see very well behaved doggies fancy free and trotting along closely on the heel of their owner. Also the “Chiracs” (pooper scoopers on wheels) are all gone now, so you are in charge of picking up after your dog. If caught you could be fined!

note: As an activist mayor of Paris in the 1980s, Jacques Chirac created a small army of mobile pooper-scoopers. Known as “Chiracs,” these motorcycle vacuum cleaners doggedly patrol the streets of Paris. Clad in uniform green, on motorcycles they would drive around the city  to find dog poo. He would cover it with his vacuum nozzle, and phoop, the poop was gone. Then the area was soaped and rinsed right on the spot.

Now when it comes to parks, you will need to watch the signs. Some do not let dogs in, such as the gardens at the Louvre museum. Others require you to be leased, while others let you roam on your own.

When I was staying in Paris, I stayed in the 16th district of Paris, which is a great location to stay in while enjoying your time in Paris. You can get to all the tourist spots and a nice walk will take you to Champes-Elysees for some shopping therapy. Three of my favorite park walks are nearby as well:

Jardins Du Trocadero– Is a wonderful little park to wander around in, especially in the morning before the crowds start milling about. There is a little stream, lots of green areas and a few ducks swimming about.

Cham de Mars – Who wouldn’t want to wander around the Eiffel tower and enjoy the view? Now there are signs that say no dogs on the grass. But again it seems to be ignored. Sorry boy dogs, but you will not get close enough to “mark” the Eiffel tower.

Bois de Boulogne – Bois Boulogne is a very pretty wooded reserve for enjoying walks along the trails and near the lakes and little rivers. It is full of rabbits by day which are fun to chase. However at night it is full of ladies working?

Here are a few other parks to walk you dog in other areas of Paris

1st District: Tuileries Gardens – a public garden located between the Louvre Museum and the Place de la Concorde in the 1st arrondissement of Paris There are two elevated areas overlooking the gardens and is a beautiful place to stroll with your dog on lead.

6th District: Luxembourg Gardens – The Jardin du Luxembourg is probably the most popular park in Paris. Dogs are allowed in the east side of the park.

12th District: Parc Bercy –You can get your lease off in certain sections of the park.

Bois de Vincennes © by Christophe ALARY

12th District: Bois de Vincennes – Even though the woods are located at the city’s borders, a day at the Bois de Vincennes is enough of a getaway to count as a day trip from Paris. There is a fantastic large area for us dogs to run around and enjoy.

14th District: Park Montsouris – a lovely open green space that is suitable for walking, jogging, or just relaxing in the sun. We dogs need to be on leads and not on the grass. However I have plenty of times enjoyed the grass between my paws.

15th District: Parc Andre Citroen – This modern park is built around a central, rectangular lawn of roughly 273 by 85 meters of size. Head to the White garden for dogs.

 15th District: Parc George Brassens – A nice separate area for dogs on the north side of the Park

19th District: Parc des Buttes ChaumontRomantic park with cliffs, bridges, waterfall, a lake and several English and Chinese gardens.

Getting around Paris

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In theory, only very small dogs transported in baskets or bags can be brought onto the Paris metro. The same is true for buses and trams. In practice, Paris metro agents tend to be somewhat lenient with owners who bring larger dogs onto the metro, provided the dog is on a leash and has a muzzle. Especially if you travel between rush hour times.

On the Paris Reseau Express Regional (suburban train network), you may bring larger dogs onto trains as long as they are leashed and muzzled.

If you are going to be travelling by taxi, tell them in advance that you have a dog. This way the company can send a taxi that is willing to take pets.