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United 747 N015UA

United 747 N015UA (Photo credit: Telstar Logistics)

What a great result in the news today for us dogs! Here are a great stories of flying dogs and the process is getting better! Soon enough we will be sitting right next to you in the cabin!

United gets friendlier, lifts breed ban
“As a result of feedback, United will now accept previously restricted breeds of dogs traveling in a non-plastic, reinforced crate,” United said in a statement. The carrier previously listed the following breeds and types as ineligible for air travel: 
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American pit bull terrier (named Tuttle) seated.

American pit bull terrier (named Tuttle) seated. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

United Airlines Lifts Pit Bull Ban
United Airlines has decided that pit bull dogs aren’t too dangerous to fly. This is wonderful news for breeders and travelers who depend on air travel to get their dogs to destinations around the world. In the dog show circuit, especially for American 
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A pet owner’s Bill of Rights: Airline travel

Inside NoVA – 26 Apr 2012

In the cabin: The weight limit for dogs flying in most airline cabins is 20 pounds. But there are some exceptions: Southwest Airlines, for example,

Traveling doesn’t have to be a pet peeve for owners

Chicago Daily Herald – 4 days ago

Her dog didn’t. Apparently, the tags fell off his crate and rather than remove him from the aircraft, the airline kept shipping him to a new location.