5 year old dog

birthday dog

It’s official! I am a 5 year old dog today! Now you are probably wondering what does that mean? How do I feel and what did I do?

Well this year, my owner had a very important meeting in the UK on a new product that we are designing together. I would have loved to of come, but she was flying and I decided to stay at my BFF house for the day. So here in Nyon, Switzerland was where I enjoyed turning 5. We celebrated by having a picnic with roasted chicken. The weather was perfect and I had a great time.

so what does it mean being a 5 year old beagle?

A popular old wives’ tale claims that one year of a dog’s life is equal to seven human years. Well I can tell you that is false. For example, dogs are capable of reproducing at around one year of age, but a seven-year-old child is far from sexually mature. Veterinarians have now come up with a much more realistic comparison between human and dog years.

Here is chart to see how I matured:

  • When I was 5 months old… I was like a 10-year-old kid. Full of fun and ready to explore. Mostly with my mouth but it was an exciting time. I also was still not interested in being toilet trained. There was just too much to do, see and play with than worry about being a neat and tidy dog.
  • At 8 months old… I was like a pre-teen going on 13. I was just getting use to my new body size and trying to coordinate my legs and was a little awkward. I knew how to sit, stay, and a few tricks and thought I was pretty cool.
  • My first birthday I was like a beautiful 15-year-old. I am still growing and learning new things but I feel good about myself. I  almost have my toilet training under control.
  • Second birthday which I celebrated in New York at my favorite dog run, I now feel like a young and fresh 24-year-old. Ready for the world and fully grown. Well almost, I still like to chew when I get the chance. It’s just the beagle in me.
  • Turning three was a big deal. I am now a happy 28-year-old and have stopped my foolish puppy ways. I am no longer interested in chewing anything I see, I am totally toilet trained, I like and expect my walks and I will actually now listen to you when you ask me to do things. I celebrated my third birthday in Hong Kong at Tai Tam park with my owners and friends. My friend Helyn made me a wonder beef cake with cream cheese!
  • Back in London I turned 4 which made me a wise 32-year-old. I have been travelling now for quiet awhile and have learned a few tricks. I can behave like a super dog in restaurants. Cool in hotels and also an expert in sniffing out tasty food anywhere. In fact my owner needs to keep me on my leash if it’s a warm summer day and people are around having a picnic. My owners do not understand that all these people want me to share in their meals. Even if they don’t I have learned to steal quiet well!
  • So now I am 5 and feel 36 in people years. I am at the peak of fitness and feel great!


Beagle Facts

  • The average life expectancy for the Beagle is about 14 years but it is not unusual for a Beagle to live to 17 years.
  • Although beagle-type dogs have existed for over 2,000 years, the modern breed was developed in Great Britain around the 1830s from several breeds, including the Talbot Hound, the North Country Beagle, the Southern Hound, and possibly the Harrier.
  • All dog breeds are given a general life expectancy number.  One must remember that this is the average age.  It depends quite a bit on genetics….If a certain dog carries hereditary health issues this will affect life span quite a bit.  Also, how an owner care for their Beagle will greatly affect the life span of this breed.
  • Proper feeding will have a great impact regarding Beagle life expectancy.  Table food is a big no-no. Unfortunately, some owners can’t help but to give in to those pleading eyes and constant begging.  One must remember that many of the snacks that we eat simply are not tolerated well by a dog’s body and others will simply be empty calories.
  • Home cooking is recommended, however this does not mean that he or she eats what you do. It means that fresh, wholesome food is provided and cooked without additives, fillers and coloring.  It will be a diet of lean meats and vegetables.

If you would like to send me a  birthday gift. The best thing you could do is donate to your local beagle rescue.  Here are a few of my favorite:

Nor Cal Beagle Rescue

Battersea Dogs &Cats Home

Beagle Rescue Foundation of America