K9 United A network for dog lovers

k9 United

My owner just found a great Dog forum called K9 United. It is a social portal for dog lovers, how great is that? The aim of the website is to bring dog lovers together, and it’s certainly doing that, it also has some great advice and the site has only been up for a few months.

The site boasts that you can get:

  • GET ADVICE from dog lovers across the network
  • SOCIALISE with like-minded dog lovers locally or worldwide
  • PROMOTE your dog related business
  • PROMOTE a dog-related event
  • UPLOAD AND SHARE photos and videos with fellow dog lovers
  • CREATE GROUPS specific to your interests e.g. Shepherd lovers group
  • ONLINE CHAT with your dog-loving friends

So if you’re a dog owner, trainer, breeder, groomers or walkers, it could be a great place to join and meet other dog lovers. Their aim is to create an online meeting place where all the members have something in common… Their dogs!
Check out their site at K9United

If you join they also are offering a free e-book on Dog Training.

free dog training book

The book is chock full of information covering topics such as:

  • Choosing the Right Dog
  • Training basics
  • Housebreaking
  • Teaching your dog their name, sit, come, stay and lie down
  • My favorite teaching your dog to stop jumping on people