The Healthy Dog Cookbook

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The Healthy Dog Cookbook


My owner started cooking for me when I was just a pup. It all started when I refused to eat anything that came out of a tin. I actually use to tip my bowl to show my dislike of canned food. My thought was if my owners don’t eat things from cans, why should I? Later when we moved to Hong Kong, my owner found it really hard to find good quality dog food and so the full cooking began and boy was it good.

Besides learning about cooking for dogs by reading articles on the internet, and trying recipes that my owner found on the internet. She still wanted to learn more and educate herself on the best way to feed me. Boy, did I train her well!

So one of her first books was The Healthy Dog Cookbook by Jonna Anne with Mary Straus, a canine nutritionist.

The book features

  • 50 nutritious meals broken down in four groups, treats, meaty meals, lighter meals and special diets. She uses a variety of recipes (chicken, beef, pork, fish, duck, turkey and even venison). She combines these meats with a well balance mix of carbohydrates such as rice and whole oats and a wonderful mix of vegetables. I would recommend tcooking the fruits and vegetables and then give them a good puree. Dogs have a hard time breaking down the cell walls and that results in not getting the nutritional value of the fruit and vegetables if they are raw. She also recommends using herbs and spices to make the meal tasty, and I have to agree with her, I do love my herbs. Just be careful because many times, one of my owners friends have had a nibble at my food, and then it was gone!
  • She also gives a good introduction on dog nutrition she touches on “the right diet” that works for dogs. She explains how easy it is to cook for dogs and my owner tends to agree. I tend to agree with my owner, that it’s a good start, but there are other books that go into more detail.
  • Her explanation of supplements is good and clear and teaches you what a dog needs.
  • One of best part of her book is her resource page. Here she lists about 10 websites where you can get a wealth of information on dog nutrient. Including dog allergies, health issues and home-made diets.
My opinion… I think this is a great book to start learning to cook for us dogs. You will find a variety of meals and treats that are easy to make and dogs love. I would suggest learning more on what is important for dog nutrition from other sources so that you get a good understanding of what we need to stay healthy. Wagging Review…3 wagsdog wagging reviews