Dog friendly South of France

dog friendly south of france

Dog bliss is what I would say about dog-friendly South of France. It is the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful countryside and relax. The region where I visited is called the Vaucluse in the heart of Provence.

Considering as a dog I do not drink wine, I will let the other great websites talk about the caves and all things drinkable.

What can you do here as a dog with owners in tow?

Visit dog-friendly medieval villages, such as Avignon, Orange, and Châteauneuf du Pape

Palais des Papes - Avignon (France)

Palais des Papes – Avignon (France) (Photo credit: Chez Julius Livre 1)

Avignon – Also known as the Papal City and was papal territory for almost five centuries. Popes lived in and ruled from Avignon during nearly the entire 14th century, drawing intellectual and artistic influence to the city that continues today. Avignon has over 4 kilometers of medieval walls around the center city, inside the cobbled stone streets boasts fantastic shopping and wonderful restaurants plus palaces, churches,  and lovely city mansions.

Orange –  Famous for its prestigious Roman monuments and is actually part of the UNESCO world heritage. A perfect walk for you and your owners is to see the commemorative Arch of Triumph under which the victorious Roman Legions once marched, and the fabulous Roman Theatre, the best-preserved theatre in the world.

Chateauneuf du Pape – My owner’s favorite wine and the most renowned wine in the  Côtes du Rhône.  The town is beautiful and when you visit the village stop at the place de la Fontaine. In the center of   the village, you will find a number of wine tasting cellars, places to eat and little shops., it is the perfect place to sit and watch the action of the town.

Français : Clocher de l'église de Chateauneuf ...

Français : Clocher de l’église de Chateauneuf du Pape, Vaucluse, France (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A wonderful dog walk through the village streets and alleys that curve around the hillside and climb up to the château. It looks quite imposing as the only two walls still intact and the tower is the ones facing the village. The town is beautiful and there is many options for happy dog photos.

Considering the Chateauneuf du Pape is, surrounded by huge expanses of vineyards. There is a marked hiking trail the loops out west of town, past the vineyards to the Rhône and back. A perfect way to enjoy the region.

English: Sorgue : zone of division of water, V...

English: Sorgue : zone of division of water, Village of Isle sur la Sorgue, Vaucluse, France Français : Sorgue : zone de partage des eaux, première division des bras de la Sorgue, Isle sur la Sorgue, Vaucluse, France (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

l’Isle sur la Sorgue An absolute must. Known as “Little Venice”, Isle sur la Sorgue is built on several arms of the Sorgue river which drive old water wheels. An excellent place for a stroll. There is a big Provencal market on Sunday morning, and there are over 300 antique dealers and great places to eat and watch the action. Isle sur la Sorgue is famous as the biggest concentration of antique dealers in France outside of Paris. The Baroque collegiate church and the René Char center, the parting of the waters, the winding streets and lovely shops are all well worth a visit.

Great trails to take your owners for a walk

 Circuit de Marcouly – Saumanede Vaucluse: About one hour and a half easy walk (6.5 km) Start at the Chateau de Saumane parking lot and start your trail through orchards, oak trees, dwellings and of course the Chateau. You will view the little village of Saumane built on a rock with cobbled streets and stone homes.

Vineyard Hike in Vacqueyras  – About a 3-hour walk, so pack a lunch and some water. It’s over 8 km and is great to do in the morning. Easy. There are Signposts marked with a white grape leaf on a red background. Start from Place Pousterle in Vacqueyras. This walk was designed by the winemakers in the Vacqueyras appellation. This Vacqueyras vineyard walk is a fantastic way to discover outstanding landscapes and natural riches. Fifteen sign posts explain the landscapes (signs are in English and French). Signs are beautifully illustrated and discuss themes of climate, soils, grape varieties, winemaking expertise and work, and the preparation of the famous Vacqueyras wines.


The Toulourenc gorges –  Doggie bliss is right here… a wonderful stroll through lush green canyons full of interesting plants and flowers to sniff. You can even walk or swim in the cool clear waters of the Toulourenc.  Watch your paws and tell your owner to wear some old shoes.