Boating with Dogs

boating with dogs

Boy did I learn a thing or two this weekend about boating with dogs. First I must say boating is really not my thing. First I had to be carried on due to I was too nervous to jump, also as a beagle, I have short little legs, so it really wasn’t an option for me. Also the floor of the boat never stays still and is always tipping back and forth so I had a little trouble to keep my balance and it was noisy!  I did end up relaxing when my owner finally let me sit on her lap.

dogs on boats safety

But what my owner and I realized, was that we did not know the first thing about boating with dogs and we decided to find some amazing resources and information for our fellow first-time dog boating friends.


Having the right equipment

If you are thinking of spending the summer with your dog on a boat, make sure you have the proper gear to keep your dog safe and happy.

Life jacket
A life jacket designed just for dogs is a must when your out sailing or hanging around a dock. This life jacket is perfect, not only will it keep your dog afloat, it has a handy handle to scoop your dog out of the water.  Life jackets come in all sizes for dogs, so make sure you get the right snug fit for your dog.

Here is a good video describing why it’s important to have a life vest for your dog.

What about a loo? Where to I go…when I have to go!

If you are going to spend the day or longer on your boat you’re going to have to think about your dogs call to nature! Now if the surface of your boat allows, a wonderful product to get is a scented astroturf like product and put it in a part of the boat that your dog will do their business. This saves time and you will not have to row to shore all the time to relieve your dog.
Also, it’s a good idea to make sure your dog knows their commands such as sit, stay and here! Also this is a great time to teach your dog not to drink the sea water, due to this can make your dog sick. Make sure that you bring plenty of fresh water, we dogs get thirsty in the sun.

Here are a book and some awesome websites from experts who know all the tricks and tips about boating with dogs. You never know I might just get the hang of it. Happy boating.