How to travel posh with your dog

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Now we all know it’s easy to spoil you dog at home, in fact you can pamper your dog with so many wonderful things such as sliver and jewel collars, air-conditioned dog mansions and designer dog food.

However more and more people are travelling with their favorite pooch all over the world, and the travel industry is taking note. Every day new hotels, spas, and pet vacations are popping up. In fact the whole industry is throwing a dog raving party these days and its high time we know the best things to pack along. Did you know…

“Over the past decade, even as  the economy tanked and pet-ownership rates flat-lined, spending on pets rose 73 percent, to 51 billion in the USA. And marketers scrutinizing this phenomenon reached a new realization: People who  treat their pets like family are an especially attractive demographic.” (

Here are some of my finds on the web when only first class star treatment is in order:

How to become a travel posh dog and… travel like a star!

Getting There

Sit n Stay Global: Personal assistant while travelling just for us dogs…yes please! They have it all, for us dogs we get our own personal flight attendant, on of course our own private jet. Not only that, if your owners want to see some boring sights like museums and such why not book me a nanny to let me see the sights I want to see. This is a 5 wag dream!

Dog Travel Company: Is a website devoted to people who love travelling with their dogs. It  is a full service travel club for dog lovers who want to travel with their dogs by plane, train, cruise ship, RV, or car and don’t want to put their pooches in cargo or on a cargo plane. How nice is that!

What to tow along

We dogs just love the smart phone. There are some really great apps designed with us in mind. I think these apps are a must if you are out and about and travelling with us in tow. So tell your  owner they will  need to load up on some pretty cool apps for their smart phone for our next trip

Petsnap: We all want vacation pictures, but sometimes we dogs are just to busy sniffing around while you are trying to get a shot, well PetSnap plays 30 different sounds to attract your dogs attention. It works for me! (iphone)

Pet First Aid: Knowing how to treat your pet when it gets hurt can be tricky. Pet First Aid is a reference guide that can help with information about treating cuts and bruises for your dog (iphone and Android)

Pocket Finder: If you didn’t hire me my personal nanny, and I decide to go off on my own, this app is a must! The PocketFinder GPS pet locator and app to locate your pet.

More great paw-terrific things to bring along

 I want my own music to listen too while in the car or in my posh hotel room. These days I have been enjoying country, however there is loads to choose from these days.
 It’s a must, I need my own grub and travel case. This one works great and is packed with everything I need to eat. it even comes with a toy so that I can run around and play with you!
 If we are going by car or limo I need to buckle up. This seat belt is a great choice, it will secure me and safely support me on all sudden stops.  It supports me on the strongest part of my body and that will help me from not flying around.

Some great posh dog travel excursions

 Laurel Canyon Park (8260 Mulholland Dr., Studio City) For dogs that like to hobnob with the rich and famous is 3 tree-lined acres in the Santa Monica Mountains where pedigreed boxers and poodles mingle off-leash with equally well-groomed owners: Orlando Bloom, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Reese Witherspoon have been spotted here.



The Milestone Hotel  (London) This hotel goes the extra mile for us dogs. Staff will learn your dog’s name, offer a menu that includes steak and sausage, a turn-down service and a customised welcome hamper of treats and toys. They also provide collar tags with the hotel’s address.

Chien Blue: Exquisite hotels, personally visited and reviewed by Erin Boyd and her dog blue. Great resource on posh dog travel, where you can relax, spend good time and take your life-loyal friend with you.

Happy Travels!

  A must read book if your want to deck out your dog in style!

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