London calling Dog friendly Wimbledon

dog friendly wimbledon

I thought this would be the perfect time to tell you about the time I spent in dog-friendly Wimbledon Village. I had an amazing time there and the town is full of happy dogs, horses, rabbits, and foxes. It’s a dog’s dream to wander around the streets, play in Wimbledon Commons where the Wombles live! End the day and relax at one of the pubs in the neighbourhood.

Dog friendly Wimbledon History

Wimbledon has been inhabited since at least the Iron Age when the hill fort on Wimbledon Common is thought to have been constructed. The original centre of Wimbledon was at the top of the hill close to the common – the area is now known locally as “the village”.

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About Wimbledon Village

The village has a saying: “Where town meets the country”

Wimbledon is where you’ll find one of London’s most perfect village. Chic shops and a great

English: High Street Wimbledon Village, London...

English: High Street Wimbledon Village, London SW19 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

small town village atmosphere, this leafy London area is perhaps best known for one of the world’s top sporting events: The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships and the town gets all dressed up for it!

Main street and the surrounding blocks are full of beautiful buildings and walking around the tree-lined streets are peaceful and beautiful. The Wimbledon Villagers are all friendly and will stop to give you a pat on the head and a hello to your owner.  Right on the High street, there is a stable and you can see and hear the clip-clop of horses’ hooves echo in the streets. I was amazed when I saw these horses heading down to the Commons for there walks.

Now if you fancy you can also join the Wimbledon Village Stables if you fancy riding.

Where to Eat and Drink

Dog and FoxPublic House & Restaurant     24 High Street SW19 5EA

Tel: 020 8946 6565  Website: Dog & Fox

What a great place to dine. They have indoor and outdoor seating. A great place to have a good pub meal or some drinks after a long walk. Loads of dogs hanging inside and out. I know what your thinking, but no, I was not the model for their logo.

Hand in Hand…Public House, Restaurant        7 Crooked Billet SW19

Tel: 020 8946 5720            website: Hand in Hand

What a perfect location, just at the end of Wimbledon Commons and a perfect place to stop after a long run. The best part about this pub is that you can order a drink, some food and head back out on the Commons and sit in the grass. Loads of friendly people, beautiful pub with happy dogs enjoying themselves inside and out!

Rajdoot…Tandoori Indian Restaurant         72 High Street SW19 5EE

Tel: 020 8946 0238         website: Rajoot

Now if you fancy a curry, this is the place to go. The menu is vast, the staff really friendly and the food is excellent. During Wimbledon Tennis, you just might find a tennis star or two enjoying a meal.

Rose & Crown…Public House, Hotel and Restaurant         55 High Street SW19 5BA

Tel: 020 8947 4713         website: Rose & Crown

Another wonderful pub with an excellent menu to boot. They have a wonderful garden area in the back and the inside is cozy and inviting. Lots of friendly dogs hanging inside and out. The Rose & Crown is just a short walk to the Commons.  Real nice crowd of locals. They also have a botique hotel which looks really charming but us dogs can’t stay.

Where to Stay

While I was staying in Wimbledon Village, I had my own apartment, so my owners went searching for a few dog friendly places to stay.

Cannizaro House … West Side Common  Wimbledon London SW19 4UE

Tel:  020 8879 1464          website: Cannizaro House

A four Star wag and if you’re a small dog, you will be allowed to stay at this beautiful hotel. Cannizaro House is located right on the Commons and has 46 individually chic designed bedrooms. The terrace is perfectly positioned to allow you to enjoy alfresco dining and stunning views over the Park. It is totally worth a look around!

Great walks for your dog

Wimbledon Commons is a must for any dog looking to run around and have an amazing time. If you are there in the morning you will see dogs of all types off their leads and in bliss. It’s like Disney Land for dogs! The Common has trails, ponds, open spaces and even a wonderful place for your owners to grab a coffee or something to eat.


The Windmill tea room is located in the middle of Wimbledon Common adjacent to the Windmill Museum and the London and Scottish public golf course. They have free parking as well if you’re coming by car. Speaking of golf, the golfers are totally relaxed with us dogs running around, just watch out for flying balls

Facts: Wimbledon Common is a large open space in Wimbledon south-west London, totalling 460 hectares (1,100 acres).[1]There are three named areas: Wimbledon Common, Putney Heath, and Putney Lower Common which together are managed under the name Wimbledon and Putney Commons

My favorite walk was down to  Wimbledon Park, which is an urban park in Wimbledon and the suburb south and east to which it lends its name. You can get there via the tube (yes dogs can ride the tube in London!)

While we use to head down to the park, we always stopped off at St. Mary’s Church which has a beautiful churchyard with tombs dating back to 1662. I use to enjoy running around here and playing with all the spirits! Really, take a look at this photo my owner took!wimbledon ghosts


They also have awesome car-boot sales each month.

Pet Shops

Pet Pavilion… 47 High Street, Wimbledon

Offering Grooming, food, accessories, dog care, and dog walking!

My Vet

Stone Lion Veterinary Hospital

41 High Street Wimbledon, London Borough of Merton, SW19 5AU

Tel: 020 8946 4228  website:

Don’t forget about the Wombles!

The Wombles are fictional pointy-nosed, furry creatures that live in burrows, where they aim to help the environment by collecting and recycling rubbish in creative ways. Wombles were created by author Elisabeth Beresford, and originally appeared in a series of children’s novels from 1968.[1] Although Wombles supposedly live in every country in the world, Beresford’s stories are concerned with the lives of the inhabitants of the burrow on Wimbledon Common in London, England.

Best Toy for the Commons

Every dog has one and they are fantastic! They come in all price ranges, but this is the best, it keeps it shape and throws the ball far. It is also compact.

Hope you enjoyed my view of Wimbledon and for all the Wimbledon Tennis fans, enjoy the games!