Review: Seth Casteel

Seth Casteel
Seth Casteel must have the coolest photos of dogs that I have ever seen. They are exciting, beautiful and captured underwater! The first time I saw his photos I knew he was the photographer for me! If his schedule permits, he’s coming to Switzerland to make me a star!

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I am not much of a swimmer, I do like wadding around however, diving into a pool is just not my thing. I wish I could dive into a pool and catch a fun toy, I would love to see my wild side too! This is because the photos that Seth Casteel takes of dogs underwater is simply amazing! You just can’t stop gazing at these wonderful and exciting shots of my fellow dogs. Who knew that us dogs could turn into wonderful sea gods underwater!

Who is Seth Casteel?

He’s an American, based in Los Angels and Chicago and travels currently nationwide in the USA. We are all hoping that he will head over to Europe where more of his “little friends” wait to be captured on his amazing camera. He likes to shoot on location and in your pets natural surroundings. No stuffy studio to worry about, just a natural dog loving location.

Unique Style

His approach of putting us dogs on film is a unique way to capture our personality in a “live action” moment that expresses just who we are and how special we can be! Happy go lucky dogs!

He has been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning American and CNN to name just a few. He also uses his talent to help dogs in animal shelters by giving them a second chance to get adopted by a loving family. His website Second Chance tells the whole story and is worth checking out and making a donation.


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