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hotel tips for dogs

Happy travels in dog friendly hotels

It’s the 21st century and finally it’s not hard to find dog-friendly lodging all over the world.  There are hotel chains that cater to dogs, websites that promote dog happy accommodations, and some hotels that go out of their way to make a dogs stay special.  However your owner still needs to check and confirm that their dog will be welcomed to avoid an awkward moment at check-in.  

I would suggest that your owner

  • Packs a bag just for you. It should include all of your favorite things, such as your favorite blanket or bed,  a towel for the beach or cleaning me up if I get muddy, a couple of toys, some chews or treats, bowls, and my favorite food.
  • Double-check pet fees and restrictions Some will restrict on the size of your dog, or the number of dogs you can bring. Some hotels charge extra fees for dogs or extra cleaning charges for the room. Also have them check if the hotel takes a damage deposit and make sure that it is refundable if no damage has been done.
  • Check to see where your dog can hang out in the hotel. Are dogs allowed in the lobby? Pool area? Dining? It’s no fun if we dogs have to sneak in and out from some side door.
  • Location- Ask the hotel if there are good places to take your dog for a nice walk and that there are some nice green spaces that are safe and dog friendly.  Check Google maps and ask the hotel if it’s a good place for dogs.
  • Look and Ask for dog perks– Many hotels have and offer special services for us dogs. Especially if we are not interested in being dragged around while you go to museum to museum. Services could range from dog sitting, dog walking, and my all-time favorite, spa services and pet centric activities! Also check if they offer special beds, treats and dog friendly room service.
  • Rooms- If your dog is not comfortable being in elevators ask for a ground floor room.
  • Try to avoid the dreaded “pet room”- Usually these rooms are older with worn furnishings. Make sure your owner asks how the pet rooms differ from the rest of the hotel.

While at the hotel

As a dog you’re going to have to be well-behaved. Believe it or not there are people out there who are afraid of dogs and are not comfortable around you. Have your owner put you on your favorite lead and walk nicely beside your owner.

  • If you’re a yakking dog and need to express yourself while alone, it would be best that your owners do not leave you in the hotel room alone.
  • If you are staying alone in the hotel room, have your owners bring your crate or carrier. This is for your safety and the housekeepers who might enter the room to clean.
  • If you can’t stand being locked up, have your owners put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. Note that some hotels won’t allow you to hang out alone in your room so make your owners aware.
  •  When nature calls and we have to go, please take us somewhere away from the hotel rooms or the front of the hotel, we and the hotel would prefer somewhere away from the action, perhaps somewhere near the parking lot or see if the hotel has a designated dog walking area. Also pick up after me, so do not forget the poo bags!
  • Remember I am on holiday too, so try stopping too many people saying hello to me, it could stress me out, I am looking to relax quietly as well.

And if we thought we were a rock band on tour, deal with damaged property immediately. If your dog damages anything, go and discuss the situation with the manger-don’t wait unit checkout.

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