Puppies and diet: Feed me into a healthy dog

puppy diet how to feed

When I was a pup my owner knew it was especially important that I had a healthy diet. She wanted to make sure that I would grow up into a healthy and happy beagle.

Why is it important to feed your pup puppy food?

  • Because were growing like mad. We require more energy than adult dogs.
  • We need specific nutritional requirements that are important to ensure that our growth rate is appropriate for us
  • The quality food that your give us as a puppy directly influences the state of our health as an adult dog.

Puppies and diet…What a pup needs

A puppy’s diet should be nutrient-rich, balanced and highly digestible. It’s important for puppies to eat right so that their bodies can grow to be structurally sound, strong bones and muscles.

Since a puppy’s diet is the building blocks for future health, it should be noted that if your going to home cook for your puppy that you do it with the up most care, understanding and loyal dedication. The safest way to ensure that your puppy gets the best nutrition possible is to feed your new puppy a high-quality food that has been formulated for puppies. Ask your veterinarian or your pet-supply store what they would recommend or suggest.

How do I choose the best food for my pup?

Choosing a high quality commercially prepared puppy food, make sure that it includes information about what it contains and how it is produced.

  • Has it met minimum standards for growth?
  • Animal based protein source, such as chicken, lamb or beef. Making sure that it is the predominant ingredient.
  • Does the manufacturer stand behind its product? Is there contact information on the package. Do they explain how they produce their food?
  • Does the package show you detailed feeding instructions to insure proper growth rate for your breed of puppy? Size specific formulations are ideal for small, medium or large dogs.
  • Preservatives? Hopefully none, but if there is make sure its natural.
  • Check the expiry or processed on date to ensure freshness.

Feeding your puppy

A puppy needs to eat a larger amount of food relative to their size, as they need the higher levels of nutrients. However considering they are puppies with little tummies, mouths and teeth that the full adult dog. So an ideal way to feed your puppy is by giving you pup smaller meals more frequently. Start off with four times a day until they are about four months old, then drop down to three times a day until they are about six months old. After that they should have grown healthy and strong to start being fed twice a day just like an all grown up dog.

Keep an eye on your puppy’s diet

You should always monitor your puppy’s diet on a weekly basis and adjust it if necessary to ensure your pup is getting all the appropriated amounts of enegry and nutrients. Make sure your puppy looks lean and trim (a little baby fat covering the ribs is okay).Your puppy’s coat should look healthy and feel soft. And your puppy should be a happy and active. Always check with your vet to assess your puppy’s body condition and check that the feeding patterns for your dog are correct.

how to feed your puppy

Do not forget a healthy treat or two as well for your puppy!