Review: Doggy Hair Nets

Lily in doggie hair net
they should have hair nets for dogs just like I had to wear when I was a cook.” Suddenly, a light went on in my head. We came up with the idea of the Doggyhairnet….

Do you see the owner constantly vacuuming and cleaning all around the house? Does your owner give you the eye and tells you that your off to the groomers to get…shaved! Are they continually brushing you morning, noon and night giving you a bath every chance they get? It’s not your fault that you shed, it is a healthy part of being a dog, however, it can drive your owner crazy!

Now I am a short hair beagle, however, I too like to shed throughout the year, spring, summer, winter, fall you name it I like to shed. Trina has almost given up and does even notice my little hairs on her clothes anymore. Our pet vacuum is her best friend, especially if people are coming around the house, the place gets the full vacuum, floors, chairs, sofas, carpets and anywhere else my little paws and shedding hair treaded. And basically, she warns people that the back seat of the car belongs to me.

So to my dismay, Trina received two Doggy  Hair nets from founder Fred Rembert, who invented a clever little outfit to help stop shedding getting all over the place. So we decided to try the product and see if it really works, how it looked and fit plus if I would like wearing this little outfit. I also had my BFF, Lily a long-haired Pekingese over at the house to test out the Doggy Hairnet as well.

So what are doggy hair nets?

  • They are a jumpsuit style mesh that dogs wear to help stop them shedding all over the house.
  • made of a light mesh net material that allows the dogs great comfort and mobility, as it safely captures the shedding hair
  • They come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit most dogs.
  • You can wear them for as long as you want. Because of the light mesh fabric, DoggyHairNets™ can be worn comfortably and safely for hours on hours.
  • They also help protect your dog against fleas, ticks, and grass allergies!

What did Lily and I think?

Maggie in the Doggy Hairnet

We decided to test it over a two-day period and let me do, what I do, which means, sleeping on my favorite chair and hanging out on the sofa with Trina. Well, that is exactly what Lily and I did, we hung out on the sofa, slept on the carpet and just roamed around the house at will. Later, Trina went around checking to see if we left any hair behind. Guess what?…nothing, everything was fur-free and I saw a little smile on my owners face. it worked, just as promised.

How did it feel?… Well, as a hunting dog, I am sort of use to my own little coat and going all natural, it works for me in all type of weather and I have never been a fan of dressing up. So letting Trina put anything on me is something I do not enjoy. If she had not kept an eye on me I would have chewed it off, however, that’s just me. I am sure with a little training and a treat or two I could get use to wearing it around the house. It was comfortable and I could easily move around.

Lily on the other paw, rather quite liked it, in fact, I think she thought she looked quite attractive and felt very comfortable in it as well. I must admit she did look really cute in the doggy net and I could totally see her hanging out in it at home.

My thoughts, if your owner is going crazy with the amount of hair all over the house and you’re comfortable as a dog wearing outfits, this could be a win-win situation for you and your owner. So give it a try!

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About the Company

Fred created and patented the Doggy Hair Net in 2010. he got his idea after he got his dog Macie a German Sheppard and Pitbull mix from the West Suburban Humane Society. He was amazed at how much hair was collecting in his home and car and thought:

Wow! I had never vacuumed, brushed, and combed so much hair. I was going nuts and getting so frustrated with all the hair in my car whenever I would take her for rides. I looked everywhere for a solution, but to no avail.  One day my wife and I were complaining to each other about the shedding hair, and I made a casual remark, “they should have hair nets for dogs just like I had to wear when I was a cook.” Suddenly, a light went on in my head. We came up with the idea of the Doggyhairnet.

He now uses the doggy hairnet all the time and Macie, Fred and his wife are all happy with the results! His website is where to find them, learn about them and buy them! His website is very informative, with videos of Macie, instruction on how to size your dog for the Doggy Hairnet, and caring for the product.


Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Retail price: $14.95