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Pet Dog Forum
Benefits of joining?… advice and tips on dog ownership, show off our lovely dogs in picture gallery, monthly competitions, general chit chat area for day to day things, training help and advice, offered and received…

Being a twitter dog! My owner and I love to check and see what everyone is up to and what is new and exciting on the Interwebs. Yesterday we got a re-tweet from Barking Orders about a Pet Dog Forum on the web. So the first thing we did was go and check it out.

Pet Dog Forum It is a social portal for dog owners and dog lovers, and a place to connect and well, chat about dogs. The aim of the website is to bring dog lovers together, and it’s certainly doing that, it also has some great advice and the site has only been up for a few months. In fact they opened their website dog house on the 4th of March this year, and they are growing into a real nice pack of dog loving people.

So we decided to have a sniff around and see what they were all about

First place we went was to the forums and see what people were chatting about.

The Pet Dog Forum

  • Well its looks like they already have over a 1000 members and they come from all over the world…very exciting to connect with dog lovers globally!
  • The forum has a nice layout and very easy to find topics that would interest you. There is a  drop down menu where you can jump to where you want to go. The forum also shows you who’s at the forum, who the top posters are, stats, and the newest posts are listed on the front page. Makes it very easy to jump right in and start looking for information that interests you.
  • They also have a calendar section where members birth-dates and doggie events are located, and a search section for the site.
  • My favorite section was the member section, where you can see everyone, and if you like can send them a PM
  • There FAQ section is absolutely amazing, they thought of every question you may have and put in topic sections so you do not have to search all over the page to find the answer you need.

Chat with ELZZ

So I was intrigued and thought I’d have a little chat with ELZZ. She is the administrator of the board, with a six star rating, and over 3000 posts.

Pet Dog Forum admin

When did you start the website?

we started this forum 4th of march 2012 and has grown at a rapid speed, we are always looking for new members to come join us on the dog forum, if people own them or just love dogs, its a great place to be.

How has it impacted you by running the site?

It has helped in so many ways with some issues i have with my own pack, as well as helping others out with some advice i might have already known.

Membership rules?

Simple advertising is limited to regular members only, unless you advertise for us on your website then we will allow links in signatures.

Where are you located?

we are not located anywhere in particular in fact we have members from all over the world

Benefits of joining?

advice and tips on dog ownership, show off our lovely dogs in picture gallery, monthly competitions, general chit-chat area for day-to-day things, training help and advice, offered and received.


My thoughts?

I think this is a straight forward dog forum, with good advice, good topics and a real nice community. I am definitely going to paw around the site and enjoy the pack!

Click here to join: Pet Dog Forum