Symply lamb and rice pet food: A dog tasty review

symply lamb and rice pet food

About a month ago a big box came to my door, and I could already tell it was for me! It smelled pretty good and I was excited and wanted to get into the bag right away. I was too, it was a bag of dog food made with lamb and rice from Symply.

However before I could get my paws on it, Trina snatched up the bag, (not an easy task due to it weighed 12 kilo) and started reading the bag. She wanted to make sure it was something she would feel good feeding me. She has five things that she looks for on any dog food  label.

What you should see on a dog food labelsymply lamb and rice dog food

  • Does the dog food have a freshness date?
  • Does it contain preservatives? dyes? Artificial ingredients?
  • What kind of meat? Is it the first ingredient on the ingredient list?
  • Where there added nutrients?
  • Did it have the companies contact information?

So how does Symply Lamb and Rice stack up!

Well right on the top of the bag, there was the “use by” date to ensure that the food was fresh and tasty. It also had its batch number as well, listed right beside the freshness date. The bag also featured in big bold letters that it did not contain any artificial colourings, flavourings, or preservatives. Turning the packaging around Trina found that lamb was its first ingredient at 26% and had added nutrients such as omega 6 and added zinc, to help promote a healthy skin and coat. Added vitamins of A, C, and E to help maintain my immune system. Also the bag not only featured the companies’ address, it also had the phone number and website as well.

It was also nice to note that the package gave  a recommended serving size and instructions on how to introduce Symply into your dog’s diet. The ingredients are all natural, and a complete dry food. They avoid  ingredients commonly known to cause skin problems such as wheat and corn, in fact the recipe is Gluten free. They use delicious meadow-raised lamb which is sourced from Great Britain.

Whew! After all that, she finally thought it was good enough for me to eat!… thank goodness, due to I was starving and we were already late for my breakfast. Just so you know, Trina does cook me homemade meals and treats, however I do like a little crunch in my meals.  Besides the crunch, the dry food is good for my teeth and jaw, plus the added nutrients that helps complete my daily requirements as a blog working dog.

The Three week taste test and beyond

I would consider myself a medium size dog, and the dog food was a good size for me to eat. They smelled really good and best of all they did not get soggy or change colour when mixed with my wet food.  I can honestly say I liked them and ate them with each meal. There has been times in the past, that I would eat around the dry food basically because they were not tasty.

Now your probably thinking… You’re a beagle, you’ll eat anything, however that is not true…okay, yes I can sniff a chicken bone half a mile away, however when it comes to my food, in my bowl, it has to taste good. This is why Trina always does a second test, just to see if I really like the food. She usually grabs a handful and takes them with us when we are out and about and uses them as a treat when I am behaving like the good dog that I try to be.  Guess what… they are good that way too!

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I would recommend Symply highly, just because it is simply one of the best tasting dry dog food that I have tried in awhile. If you live in the UK, please check out there website, the do offer a delivery service right to your door.

Symply pet food

Company Name: Symply

Best Website to try out Symply:

Phone : 0800 068 0608

Location: Anglo Business Park, Asheridge Road, Chesham, Bucks HP5 2QA, United Kingdom