Tips on finding a good veterinarian for your pet

When you move to a new place the first thing your owner needs to do is look for a veterinarian for you. Here are my tips on things you should consider to finding a good clinic with a good vet for you and your owner.

If you are getting a new puppy, you should probably start long before the new addition comes home with you.

Tips on finding a good vet

  • Talk to fellow dog owners’ in your neighborhood and see who they use and what experience they have had with the vets in the area.
  • Check around with local breeders either where you got your puppy if they are local, or ask a breeder in your area and who do they use to tend to their dogs.
  • Check the interwebs and see if there are any reviews of local vets in your area.

Things to Consider

  • How close is the veterinarian clinic compared to where you live. There is nothing worse than a long and lengthy trip. It can be frustrating to your owner, and if you’re feeling ill a long ride might not be the best.
  • Now if you have an existing need, it might be a good idea to pick a veterinarian that specializes in those needs. A vet, who understands your ailment, is always reassuring.
  • Size matters…You will want to find a clinic that is not too busy that it takes weeks for you to get an appointment. Another thing to consider is that a larger clinic might have different vets and you might get a different vet every time. However the larger practices may make it easier to get an appointment quicker than a small clinic.
  • Ask how the vet and clinic keep your records and if you can keep a copy for your files. It is always good to have a full record of your vet visits, especially if you travel a lot and see different vets in different parts of the country or world.


You still have to make your own decision, but you can listen to everyone’s suggestions and go from there.The choice is yours and your owners and  these are just a few things to consider before making a educated choice on your next veterinarian.

tips on finding a vet


Dr. Donna Solomon… Selecting a Veterinarian