Fastest Dogs In The World: 8 Canines Who Were Built For Speed

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Looking for the fastest dogs in the world? You will be surprised who made the list. personally I think there is nothing better than seeing a really fast dog run!

From Vetstreet’s Kim Campbell Thornton:

“Go Dog, Go” was the title of a famous children’s book penned more than 50 years ago by P.D. Eastman, but it is also what we say when we see some of these dogs take off running. Greyhounds, Vizslas and Jack Russell are just some of the breeds that leave the rest of the pack in the dust.

I can’t believe that a Jack Russell could be so fast. As a beagle with short little legs, I assumed we both liked to trot along. Little did I know…

Check out the slideshow of amazing dog breeds that were built for speed.

A male brindle-coloured Greyhound named Moby r...

A male brindle-coloured Greyhound named Moby running. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)