Pet Deaths In Airplanes Continue, Pressuring Airlines To Change Policy

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As a traveling dog, I feel that airlines need to open up seats for larger dogs. Owners would be willing to pay for it and we would be happy to sit there, we wouldn’t even ask for a meal. Pet deaths in airplanes have got to stop!

Smith says that airlines have been making changes to meet pet owners’ needs — and get a bigger slice of the $50 billion consumers to spend on pets each year. But accommodating pets requires a lot more than simply carving out space in the cargo hold for furry travelers…
The airlines could set certain rules, such as for example:

  • let only a set number of pets to travel in the cabin in a certain section of the cabin, say the last three rows.
  • require that we are belted in, just like we are “belted in” while in a car.
  • let us fly at airlines “not busiest flights”
  • limit pets to say maybe a maximum of 4
  • have us board last and leave last so not to bother other passengers
  • Charge us a ticket.
  • If we behave badly, charge our owners!

Now I know my owner would be happy and willing to buy a ticket on these terms. In fact, she would buy two tickets so that we could go to New York! All she and I would have to worry about would just be jet lag! Also, let us have our own frequent flyer card too!

What do you think airlines should do with traveling pets?

Horror stories about pets flying in the cargo hold tend to travel quickly. Jack the made news last year when he escaped his crate and spent 61 days lost in JFK airport, and model Maggie Rizer’s September blog post about her golden retriever’s death during a United Airlines flight still has pet owners buzzing.
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