It’s a Dog’s Life: Eat-Play-Love

it's a dog's life
What if you went through today — one day — living your life the way a dog sees it? Thrilled to go for a short walk, ecstatic over meeting another dog, happy as can be just to feel someone’s touch, playing with the simplest toys. Yes, be your own dog — for a day….
This is a perfect way to describe how I live my life, and I am happy enough to know that my owner tries every day to enjoy her life this way too. I also know I am a lucky dog to enjoy this blissful wag.
Everyday should be a celebration because this will be the last day you will be at this particular age and enjoying this particular moment. After that it’s gone forever. There is nothing better than being a dog…even if only for a day. It’s a dog’s life should be a mantra for every person to live by and enjoy.
We dogs, live in the moment and we love being with you…and that’s it.
I think this is a wonderful story that explains that sometimes you need to look beyond your human self and see your pets see the world.

It's a dog's life

Excellent article to read

We were walking our dog, Jane, along a country path the other day when we met an older man, his wife and their beautiful chocolate lab. Wagging his tail, looking up, begging to be petted, the lab and Jane made instant friends. I thought, “Dogs have so much to teach us.” The man’s hand, holding the leash, trembled — he has Parkinson’s — and I realized that the hand that pet the dog was from a man who had the capacity to love — like a dog. Tails wagging, noses touching, enjoying every moment. That’s a dog’s life….

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