Oscar The Globetrotting Dog Visits More Than 30 Countries (PHOTOS)

We’re now in the unusual position of feeling both incredibly impressed with andextremely envious of a dog. The pooch in question? He’s 10-year-old Oscar, who’s been travelling the globe with his owner Joanne Lefson for the past three years….

There is nothing better than seeing a happy globetrotting dog! We dogs really do love travelling, its in our nature to explore new places and see new things! I have to omit, I am totally jealous and have a lot of travelling to do! So far I have been to 8 countries and three continents.


Oscar and Joanne have now visited more than 30 countries in five continents, covering around 93,000 miles in total so far. Their latest adventures? A trip to the US, which included a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon and a jaunt across San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge….
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