If Dogs Could Vote: Why We Could Learn a Valuable Lesson From Our Dogs About How to Choose a Great Pack Leader

If we could hold a debate with dogs as the audience, we’d learn a lot about the candidates. Dogs detect authenticity — they are very hard to fool. And most of the time they can read our intentions before we’re even aware we’ve made a decision. They’ve had thousands of years of evolution, studying the faces, body language, and scent of the humans they travel with….

I was just saying this the other day… If dogs could vote, oh what a world it would be! Besides free treats for all dogs, and dog friendly everything and no more kill centers! As a dog, I would make it a kinder and common scent way of life.

It should just come down to good old common sense! Or how I like to think: Scent! Your instinctive nature should guide you on who is a pack leader or who is being led by another pack leader.

Talk about dog gone Common Scent!

Imagine if people had the same good graces when they were out on their daily walk through their neighborhood. First you would probably enjoy just being there, checking to see what has changed and what is new, being aware and enjoying your surroundings. Perhaps a new leaf on the ground, or a new scent in the air. Every dog that you meet, you acknowledge with a nod with the head, and perhaps a wag of the tail. You really want to let them know that you see them, and a little sniff to say “hi” is usually all that is needed.

Perhaps if people acknowledge people like this everyday, our neighborhoods would truly be a wonderful connected place to enjoy. Our communities would truly be connected and we would truly be apart of the pack.

How many millions of words do you think will be spoken and written this year by people trying to persuade you to vote for them? And how often will you hear promises that you already know in your heart will be forgotten as soon as the election is over and they have your vote?

It makes me wish that I could invite the candidates to my Dog Psychology Center and introduce them to my pack. Trust me, the dogs would quickly figure out who the natural Pack Leader is!

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