Dogs Are the New Kids

I have to admit I love all this attention we dogs are receiving in the news these days. Call me a fur baby and I’ll call you fur mum and dad, or furry love parents! I just love being your fur baby and enjoy being part of the family. It’s about time you humans figured out that we are a truly loyal companion and just love being with you.

fur baby

If you really think about it dogs are the new kids.


  • We really never grow up; we see the world in childlike wonder.
  • We never outgrow snuggle time. I love it! On the couch watching TV or on a cold winter night right beside you on the bed. Better yet, I never get embarrassed or think it’s un-cool.
  • We also love it when you play with us, we love walking with you, and we even like chatting with you too! We love the attention and we dogs know you do too!
  • We think you’re the most amazing, beautiful, smartest person in the whole wide world!

We dogs are easy to please. An old tennis ball or your old sweatshirt to snuggle with can give us so much pleasure. We love you unconditionally and we will never stop loving you for the wonderful care that you give us; we really appreciate it. It’s what makes us so darn loyal….

Story from:  Huffingpost. Check out there photos gallery on the blog.

Dog owners often claim that their dogs are just like kids, and thanks to a raft of new products and services, they’re getting closer to being right.

Adopting a fur-baby (yes, that’s what they’re really called) can mean feeding it with a bottle, baking it special puppy food, outfitting it in diapers and hiding the diapers under cute little leopard print panties.

Puppy gear that imitates baby gear includes carrying slings and jogging strollers, hand-smocked dresses and car safety seats. We take our fur-babies to daycare and to yoga classes, arrange play dates and throw first birthday parties.

Since we’re having fewer babies later or not having them at all, it makes sense that there are now more dogs — 78 million — than children under 18 — just shy of 72 million according to the latest Census figures — living at home in the U.S. And often, they’re enjoying equal treatment.