What to pack for your dog’s next trip from home

What to pack for your dog’s next trip?  Wagging essentials of course!  Things that will make your dog feel great, calm and enjoy his adventure with you. Dogs need the basics from home just like you do …

When I’m getting ready for my next vacation with Trina, I know that she will pack all her essentials that she will need to enjoy her time while we are away from home, its natural and its what all humans do; they bring the things that are essential to enjoy their trip.

So what does Trina pack for me? Well, she packs my essentials too, she knows that I will need certain things while we are away from home and she wants me to enjoy my time, knowing that my essentials are all packed up and ready to go. In fact she keeps my suitcase in the closet, right beside hers, and its packed with all the things I need to make life enjoyable, regards if I am vacationing, visiting my friends for a day or two on my own, or even when I head to the office for a visit for the day.

What to pack for your dog’s next trip

Three most import items

  • Pet passportShe always packs my passport, regardless if I am only traveling down the street to stay with friends or to another country. It’s important that whereever I am,  either with  Trina or friends I am staying with, I have the current status of my health in case I need to see a vet.
  • Microchip: it’s not something you need to pack, and if you travel like I do, you probably already have one or two. A microchip is a good idea to implant in your dog before you travel. Again your chip will contain contact information of your owner, vet and if traveling from or to the UK, an update of your rabies shot.
  • First Aid Kit: Sickness or injury is the last thing you want to happen to you on a trip. But as everyone knows, things go wrong sometimes, and it’s best to be prepared. You can get a pre-made one at your local pet shop or you can you can make your own.
Pet passport: It’s basically certification from your vet that your pet is healthy and that its vaccinations are current. If your country does not subscribe to the passport scheme you can purchase a passport like journal to carry copies of your documents in for easier handling. For more information: DEFRA….
microchips: The data inside microchips contains an identification number, which usually consists of nine digits if sold in the United States and 15 digits in the European Union. These microchips work off of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, and the varying amount of digits in the identification numbers indicates different radio frequencies. The microchip can be scanned and matched to the owner’s contact details, which are kept on a database, such as the national PetLog database. ….

Now that the basic needs have been packed up, let’s get personal and pack up the things that will make your dog feel at home regards where he spends the night. Here is what is always in my suitcase:what to pack for your dog

Water and food: I have two traveling dog bowls, one for water and of course one for my meals. They are made of silicone and they simply fold away nicely in my case. They are easy to clean with a simple rinse. Trina also usually packs either my chicken burgers or my meaty pupcakes, with enough kibble for the time we are away. These two homemade meals are easy to make into single serving size and can quickly be crumbled into my bowl. Before we leave she  freezes the food and pops it in a cool bag, which pops into my suitcase. Once we are at our destination she usually stashes it in the mini bar, and if there isn’t any room she tell me she will have to clean it out by serving herself a nice glass of wine.

Favorite toys: I always toss a couple of favorite toys in my suitcase. Depending on where we are going, it will vary on what I will bring. If we are heading for a beach holiday, I am definitely going to bring my water toss toys, and if I am staying with friends, I like to bring one of my soft toys to cuddle and chew on. Sometimes on long car trips I will bring one of my activity toys, and try to work out how to get that treat that is hidden inside. It can get pretty boring on long trips or sitting in the car on a ferry trip and this passes the time nicely. Speaking of treats…

Treats and chews: Of course, a trip would never be complete without my favorite treats, and a chew keeps me entertained as well, especially if your relaxing by the pool.

Bedding: (carrier, or blanket): I always travel with my own bed. Most places where we travel don’t have a dog bed for me. But even if they did, there is nothing better than seeing my traveling bed sitting by the door. This way I know I am going for a trip, and not being left behind. However more important about having my own dog bed no matter where I am, it makes me feel calm and I know I have my own personal space. This is true when I am staying over at friends or hanging out at the office. When I am ready for a nap I can walk over to my bed, which smells like home and snuggle down.  If your dog has their own place to sleep, they can feel more protected and safe, which is very important when you are in new surroundings.

I.D. Tags: I have a special traveling tag that is attached to my collar when I am traveling far away. It is a little capsual which Trina can insert a little piece of paper with  her contact details in the country where we are vacationing in, so that local people can contact a local place in case I ever wonder off and get lost. It includes a local number and our location and usually in the language of the country we are visiting. Not every place has a scanner, and believe it or not some people might not call a mobile number that is not local. She also looks up the local vet and adds that contact info on the back.

Other things to consider…

Your smelly T-shirt: Yes it’s true we love how you smell, the more the better! It reminds us of you and it makes us feel close. If we are going to be traveling solo we want a piece of your clothing with your scent on it in the carrier with us. Your scent is very calming to your pet.

Clothing: If you’re a wardrobe loving dog, make sure your pet parents pack the right outfits for you. Especially if you are going to go somewhere where the weather would require you to wear something to make you feel comfortable in your new spot.

My own towel: Sure we can use the hotels or villa’s white fluffy towel and  toss it on the floor. However a personal towel for me, while we are on the go is an essential thing to have. Just image a beautiful walk in the woods and I find the best mud puddle ever! You are going to need a towel for me to rub me down before I saunter into the hotel we are staying. It’s just good dog traveling manners.

So these are my tips on,  what to pack for your dog’s next trip!  It’s wagging essentials of course!  Things that will make your dog feel great, calm and enjoy his adventure with you. Dogs need the basics from home just like you do and keeping this in mind both of you will have easy breezy traveling fun!