Dawg’s Biscuits: Dog Treats that do Good

Dog treats that do good? Okay this is something I really wanted to try. Would I like them? You bet I did, they were wagging tasty and full of goodness...

As with any smart dog-owning business, its important to reach out to your pack and get feedback on your products. And that is exactly what dog entrepreneur’s Brendan, Shannon, Blanche, and Jenna did with their wagging cool treats.

The Bouviers‘ are the official dog taster’s at Dawg’s Biscuits. Nothing gets past them and they keep a paw and a tail wag on their staff Matthew and Valerie in making excellent and unique dog treats for all dogs to enjoy.

Dawg's Biscuits

Let’s get ready to try Dawg’s Biscuits

So as usual when the box arrived at the door, Trina whisked it up and started checking out the ingredients and flavors that we received to review. She was pleased to find out that her check list had all that she required:

  • Freshness date- YES
  • Company contact info- YES
  • Free of  preservatives? dyes? Artificial ingredients?- YES

Great, we’re ready and I have been sitting here, like a good dog ready to do my job, paw me a treat please! Mmmm…crunch….These are not your average treats, they are hand baked, and additive and preservative free.  They are also made with all natural ingredients and best of all they’re good for me too! If you are going to eat a treat, you may as well have one that is natural, tasty, and beneficial.

Dawg’s Biscuits

good dawg biscuits
Good Dawg: These are great bite size treats that were perfect for my training sessions. They are about 1 cm (1/2 inch) long and have a real good crunch.  They are made with brewer’s yeast, molasses and vegetable stock. These smaller biscuits were perfect for my pal Lily who is a small Pekingese, they were just the right size for her to enjoy.

Karma Dawg Biscuit

Karma Dawg: A little biscuit that helps you relax; perfect if you get stressed out and want to calm yourself down. I have been munching these little biscuit just before I go to bed. However my BBF Lily has been using them when she’s been  traveling by car. (Lily tends to get a little crazy in the car.) Make sure you read my Cosmic Karma Dawg review

Scratch buster biscuit
Scratch Buster:  If you are like me, dry weather can make your skin feel a little itchy, so a little  tasty treat like this one helps condition my skin and coat. Made with Brewer’s Yeast, having B Vitamins  helps condition the skin, and the added Garlic helps to repel pesky fleas.

Fab Fang Dog Biscuits
Fab Fangs: It’s munchy, it’s crunchy and big! Over 6 cm (2 1/2 inches) of total goodness, made with Oats and Bulgar wheat and hard-baked. Now, I’m your average size beagle so when I got this tasty bite, you should have seen my eyes, they were huge! I usually do not get this size of treat so I ran off to enjoy this king of kings of wagging goodness. You should have heard the crunch I got, it really gave my jaw a workout and the  juices rolling.

Who is Dawg Biscuits and where do I find them?

Okay after having a blissful week in Dawg biscuit heaven I wanted to know more about this tasty little find. It all started with Matthew and Valerie looking around to find an awesome dog biscuit or a delicious and healthy recipe for dogs treats and just could not find one that they liked.

They really wanted a biscuit that was not filled with artificial additives or synthetic preservatives.  They talked to Vets, Nutritionists, Bio-chemists, Homeopathic vets to make sure they were on the right track and to product a healthy biscuit; So after tons of research, trial and error and most importantly getting a “paws-up” from their tester… Dawg’s Biscuits were born.

What made you start Dawg’s Biscuits?

When we started we wanted to make a top dog treat, (good dog treats!), free of chemical additives and preservatives; dog treats that were the best! And as part of our research we found that very few dog treats out there are aimed at health, (and happiness, don’t forget the wagging tails!).We think it is all part and parcel, holistic even, to make treats which don’t only not harm, but also positively benefit your dogs.

Well I think that is exactly what they did, they made a good crunchy dog treat that does a dog good! It really makes a lot of sense; If I can enjoy a treat that will help keep my teeth clean or help condition my coat and skin its a win-win situation for me and my owner.

What’s your advice on owning a Dog?

Be prepared for more dirt along with more love from the beast.

Whats your thoughts about treats for us dogs?

Go for something doggie, not something human. Carrot Cupcakes with liver flavoured icing are not terribly doggie.

Now that’s good sound advice and I totally agree.  I recommend Dawg’s biscuit highly, the have an awesome crunch, come in a reuseable bag and they are very tasty!

Wagging review:….5 wags
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Where to find them:

Website: Dawg’s Biscuit

Address: Dawg Central, 65 Norman Road, St Leonards on Sea, TN38 0EG, UK

Telephone: (44) 01424 424682