The Different Types of Dog Foods and its Uses

Different breeds of dogs have different requirements and hence it becomes your responsibility to ask the specific requirements of your pet from a vet and follow the same…

There are various individuals who love their pets like their family members and pay proper attention towards their health and eating habits. The pet food industry has grown to a great extent and offers a wide range of food items especially for pets like dogs. If you care for your canine pet you will surely consider providing these healthy food items to it. It is not necessary that your pet gets all the required nutrients from the food provided by the industries.

dog food types

Different breeds of dogs have different requirements and hence it becomes your responsibility to ask the specific requirements of your pet from a vet and follow the same. There is a wide variety of dog food from which you can select the best one for your pet. You can also add supplements in order to provide the nutrients the food is lacking.

Here is a list of some of the most common dog foods that can be offered by you to your dogs.

Wet Foods

As the name suggests wet foods are rich in moisture content and are prepared by cooking the ingredients at higher temperature. This is done to sterilize the food. In order to prevent nay kind of fungal growth they are canned under high pressure. This type of food is available in the form of foil trays, cans and pouches. The contents of the food include chunks in jelly and gravy and meat loaves. Chilled and frozen food is also available in bags. Providing this food to your dog can help you in keeping it healthy.

Dry Foods

This type of pet food comprises of low moisture and includes flake foods, extruded foods and biscuits that serve as mixtures. They are generally available in bags but you can get the biscuits in small packing as they are often offered to the pet as a treat. These biscuits are rich in protein content and fulfill the body requirements more effectively. These foods often contain meat as their ingredients and can be added to other food materials in order to enhance the food quality.

Semi-moist food

This type of food has a chewy texture and is available in soft pellets. Numerous treat products are available in this format.

The selection of food for your pet totally depends on its cost, liking of your dog and advise of your dog’s vet. Many masters prefer to offer a mixture of these foods to their pet. You can also add a supplementary food item in order to fulfill the nutritional requirements of your dog. These include the complete and complementary dog foods.

Complete Dog Foods

A complete dog food offers a high nutrient diet that contains all the nutrients in the right proportions and amounts. You can rely on this food for feeding your dog on a daily basis. There is no need for providing an additional food item if you are using this food.

Complementary Dog Foods

This types of dog foods are traditionally made, oven baked biscuit mixer to complement your dog’s regular diet. This delicious addition to your dog’s meal is made with mixture of finest ingredients, and is a specially formulated recipe for smaller and young dogs. With such types of complementary dog foods you can be sure that you are providing your pet with a wholesome, nutritious meal.

All the food items available in the market for dogs have specific guidelines that should be followed by you in order to keep your dog healthy.

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