Tanner Goods-Wag Cool Dog Travel Bowls

As you know I’m  very paw-ticular about the things that I think are worth a howl and only get wagging on products I think are wag cool...

I’m always looking for cool and exciting travel product that have that Wag Cool appeal! So while pawing around the interwebs I stumbled upon Tanner Goods’ Canine bowl. Made of waxed canvas; this collapsible bowl is stylish and is perfect for either water or food.

Hand-crafted with a double-wall construction cut and sewn from 10 oz. waxed cotton canvas with subtle detail and a range of colours. Easy to store in your pack and very chic to pull out and serve your pooch a cool drink of water.

Tanner Goods is a group of designers and craftspeople, as well as skilled laborers located in Portland, Oregon with a beautiful website and they sell their modern designed products globally.

The Canine bowl is a perfect blend of quality materials, craftsmanship, and modern design. It’s just a wag cool dog travel bowl.

tanner goods canine bowl

Check them Out

Website: Tanner Goods

Address: 1308 W. Burnside
Portland, Ore. 97209

Ring, ring: 503-222-2774