5 Tips When Choosing A Dog Groomer

Choosing a dog groomer? – Don’t be afraid of asking your potential groomer some questions. This is their profession and they expect people to do so. Here are a few questions which you should ask…

There comes a point when bathing your dog yourself just doesn’t do the job. Their hair is too long; you can’t cut their nails short enough in fear of doing some damage and not to mention cleaning the anal glands. It is time to pay a visit to the dog groomers but which one do you choose? You want to bring your pet to a reliable and trustworthy groomer so be sure to do your research.

Here are a few tips which will help you find the right groomer for you and your dog:


 Word of Mouth – We are all constantly bombarded with advertising and junk mail through the door so it is understandable we get confused when choosing services. Word of mouth is still as reliable as always. Call your friends and family and ask them for recommendations. Or ask your local veterinarian or pet shop if they would recommend a reputable groomer.


Online – Online local pet forums are a great source of information so get involved and ask questions and for recommendations. Check out customer reviews on dog groomer’s websites and local business review websites. You will find a lot of information on the internet especially because people who have a bad experience will tell a lot more people than those who have a good experience.


Ask Groomers Questions – Don’t be afraid of asking your potential groomer some questions. This is their profession and they expect people to do so. Here are a few questions which you should ask:

• What sort of experience do they have as a groomer, ask about their training and the types of dogs that they groom.

• What services are included in the price? Wash, cut, nails, ears, anal glands etc.

• What facilities and type of area do they have for the dogs before and after their grooming session?

• What cleaning products and shampoo do they use? This is more important for people who have dogs with sensitive skin.


Check Premises – Before you make a decision on a groomer you should pay a visit to their premises, or in the case of a mobile groomer inspect their van. Have a good look about to see if it is clean, safe and free of any potential hazards. You will be soon aware if it is a professional organization or not. Also if there are any other dogs or owners there, do they appear content and does your own dog seem happy and relaxed to be there?

The Groomers – Have a chat with the groomer and inform them of any problems regarding your dog’s health or temperament etc. Dog groomers are professionals so do ask their opinion of how they think your breed of dog should be cut and how regularly. How does the groomer interact with you and more importantly your dog, they should like dogs and be good with them.


 No matter how many reviews you have read or recommendations you have got about a particular business or groomer, use your own judgement and intuition too. If you get a bad vibe from a particular groomer or premises then maybe it is not the one for you and continue your search. A well groomed dog will look and feel good so keep on top of it as best you can.

Guest Author: My name is David and I am mad about my dogs. I have always had dogs around me so I do not know what it is like to be without them, or can I imagine. I not only live with but also work with pets as I am part of the team at Equipet Stores.