Billetsdoux has a Wag Cool Dog Tag that’s fun to Wear

I am always on the look out for wag cool dog tags that are unique so I can add it to my collection. Dog tags contain important information, like my name and a contact number in case I get lost… However I like to think of dog tags as personalized jewelry for dogs. And considering I feel that way, I like my tags to be unique, fun and stylish.

So when I saw these really cute tags from Billetsdoux, I thought wow, those are unique and they made me smile! Billetsdoux, does not just make dog tags in fact they specialize in personalized jewellery for people, your home and garden. This was just something special they added to their pretty wordy mix of gems.

What Trina liked most about this tag was when it come to me it’s actually 100% totally true! I’m a lover and l love to share the licks and kisses with anyone who gets close. It’s just my dog gone personality!

They ship globally and all their little treats are reasonably priced. The dog tag is about 2.5 cm wide (inch) and is made of  matte aluminum,  hand stamped with “If you can read this I will lick you.” Comes on a stainless steel giant split ring ready to slide onto your dog’s collar. Each one is individually crafted and you can pay a little extra to get your name and number on the other side.

Think about that… a snog and I already have my telephone and name handy! Fancy a date? Wag cool dog tag!

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Where: Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

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