Pets CD’s from The Laurel Canyon Animal Company

At Home we listen to music all the time. Trina even likes to sing along to the music, (something that at times can make me howl!). But besides that, one of the first things she noticed about me when I was a pup was my love of music and especially opera. Yup you got it, I am a beagle who just loves opera. I’ll sit in front of the speakers and tilt my head and listen intently. I find it soothing and content, and I always like music in the car as well.

Thinking about music, it gave me a thought… is there music that’s just for dogs? Are there pets CD’s?

Sure enough there is, and I found a great company called The Laurel Canyon Animal Company that produces music for animals. So I thought I would contact them and see if I could learn more about the company and the benefits of music for pets. Luckily I was able to talk directly to Eliza Doolittle, she runs the house and is a big fan of the company.

Can you tell me a little about your company and who runs it for you?cds for pets

We started The Laurel Canyon Animal Company (our record label) and (our website) in 1999 with the idea of creating music for animal lovers. Skip Haynes, my owner and his partner, Dana Walden who were neighbors, music producers and animal lovers wanted to combine their two favorite interests – music and animals.
We’re animal lovers dedicated to building a bridge between humans and animals through music. We create music exclusively about, for and with animals — dogs in particular. We are probably the only record label in the world that uses intuitive animal communicators to act as translators for the animals whenever we can involve them directly in the musical process.
There website is their store on the interwebs and contain information about their music, music that they have created with dogs, cats, parrots, and Koko the gorilla. The amazing thing about the gorilla is that he communicates through sign language. They have also collaborated with a coyote named Rosie and the Pink Dolphins of the Amazon River basin.


Okay, I understand that you live in Laurel Canyon in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, California. Very wag cool, you must have some wonderful places to roam about.
Yes it’s a great place to be a dog and the area is just beautiful. A lot of great music people have also call Laurel Canyon home, such as Jim Morrison, Frank Zappa, the Buffalo Springfield and Joni Mitchell. Did you know that our site also contains music we created about Laurel Canyon?

So How do you go about making these CD’s for animals?

Each CD we produce is devoted to a particular kind of animal or species. Each track is devoted to a unique concern, situation or shared experience of the people who love those animals or the animals themselves…

We utilize the writing, production and conceptual talents of animal loving writers, producers, artists, communicators, animators, musicians, poets –and of course, animals from all over the world.

There website is devoted to their music, books and the animals that inspire them. You can also browse around and listen to clips of various CD’s and find the one that could be just perfect for your pet. In fact they created  a Christmas CD called “Bring an Animal Home for the Holidays” containing 7 tracks of original music and animal inspired holiday songs.

pet cd albumsI personally like this track on the CD: Holiday Bark

Although they create music about many different species, dogs are their favorites and there all loads of music to try just for us pooches. In fact Skip and Dana are wonderful owners of rescue dogs and gave forever homes just in the nick of time to Alfie and Eliza Doolittle. Eliza Doolittle wanted me to also let you know that She’s crazy for riding in the car. and had the team write a song for her called “Car Car” which you can also hear on their website. In fact she is so passionate about car travel she has given the traveling bug to Alfie and keeps Skip busy ferrying them around the canyon.

pet cds for pets

Alfie (the man of the house and another rescue) and their two new additions Atticus (black) and Scout the Tabby. They all hang together.

Best advice on owning a dog? Cat?

Never yell or act in anger around your animals. It can cause them to become physically ill. It does the same to you. Also, something we’ve learned working with animal communicators is – names are very important to animals. If they don’t like a name you give them it can cause real problems. When you first name a “new” addition choose a few names and try them out for a while. There is no hurry. You new addition will respond to the name they like. That’s the name to use.

Things you would suggest in regards to traveling with a pet?

I don’t know about all pets but I do know that playing our CD “Songs To make Dogs Happy” works very well in easing stress when traveling with your dog.

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Location: Laurel Canyon (Los Angeles) California, USA

If your looking for something unique to give your favorite pet, a pets CD could be the perfect. Perfect for a drive or when they are chilling at home on their own, they can have some excellent pet-centric music to listen too while your out and about.