Dog Walk? Please lead me with a Dogleesh

Looking for a wagging cool new look on your next dog walk? Want your walking partner to feel comfy while doing it? Then you’re going to want a Dogleesh in your favorite colour on your next walk.

This wag cool dog leash is made with heavy-duty nylon webbing, durable and light weigh, so it won’t weigh you or your walking partner down.  It has this soft ergonomic rubber handle in a variety colors so just choose the one your like. It even has a cool rubber bone logo detail to remind your walker to bring treats along while your out on a stroll. The heavy-duty metal clip easily clips to your collar or harness, the handle is comfy for your walking mate and a “take a look at me now” style…What’s not to like. Very Urban, Very Wag Cool.

petprojekt leash

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Website: Petprojekt

Where: Cincinnati, OH

Ring Ring: 877- pet- jekt