DIY Dog Clipping for a wagging new do long haired pooch!

how to clip your dog

If you’ve got a long-haired pooch, but hate paying out £20 or £30 each time his hair needs clipping, don’t fear – as long as you take care, you can easily undertake a do-it-yourself clipping session at home. It’s all about knowing what to do and having the right equipment.

Before you start, you’ll want to gather the following tools:

– Dog clippersdog clippers
– A brush designed for long-haired dogs
– A mat or old towel
– Some doggy treats
– Lubricant for the clippers

How to prepare for the clipping

Getting your dog ready for his clipping requires the following steps:

Read up on how your specific breed of dog needs to be clipped
There are different ways to clip different breeds’ fur, so you should educate yourself before even thinking about trimming your pooch’s fur with dog clippers.

Choose your clippers wisely
Be sure to choose the smallest clipper you can – some pooches might require a bigger set, but choose the smallest one you can get away with. Also, check the sound level of the clipper first, as a really loud one will send your pal running for the hills! Wouldn’t you be scared if someone came at you with a loud buzzing implement?!

Assemble your tools
Ensure all of your tools are within easy reach, particularly if your dog is prone to nerves. If you have to let him go to pick up a treat, he might run away and hide. As such, ensure you can reach everything whilst still holding on to his collar or lead, whichever you’ve used to restrain him.

Now, getting started…

Firstly, make sure your dog is as calm as possible. If necessary, give him a treat or his favourite bone to chew, whilst moving him into the position you would like. Secondly, ensure your blades are sharp. This sounds horrible, but dull blades could catch his skin and will also pull the hair, making for an ultimately uncomfortable experience for your dog. You should then go on to give your dog a quick brush, ensuring any tangled fur becomes loose and that any areas of matting are taken care of.

Next, cover the clipping blade with cooling lubricant. This makes for a pleasant experience for both you and your pooch, so is vital. Now, position the clippers in the most comfortable way you can in your hands. If you don’t feel confident with your grip, trying holding the clippers a different way. Once you feel comfortable, start clipping. Do turn the clipper off and on regularly, so that it doesn’t overheat. This could cause damage to your pup’s skin, which you won’t want.

Once you’ve created your desired style, switch off the clippers and check that your furry pal’s coat is even all over. If it isn’t, take care of the uneven bits and survey again. Once you’re happy with the cut, make sure you reward your doggy for being so well-behaved. A simple treat will do, or you could take him for an extra-long walk outside in his favourite park. Whatever you do, make it clear that he’s a good boy!

Author bio: Richard Howey loves all breeds of dogs, but Labradors have a particular place in his heart because of his own two-year old Lab named ‘Lucie’. Recently he discovered the leading UK pet store, supplier of dog beds, dog cages and dog grooming equipment, for his dog grooming needs.