Get the Top Dog Model look

top model dogCatwalks, perms and frilly skirts aren’t things you would associate with dogs. But if you watched the recent ITV2 programme you will know that this is the lifestyle of some dogs. With the help of X Factor finalist Stacey Solomon and Britain’s Got Talent winners Pudsey and Ashleigh the search was on to find Britain’s Top Dog Model.

The show brought the glamorous world of modelling – think Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss – together with man’s best friend. We saw dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes strut their stuff down the catwalk to prove they were Britain’s most glamorous dog. Britain’s Top Dog Model probably made some owners sit up and think about their dog grooming regime. If you’re one of these owners, and you want to give your pooch a makeover, see some of the ways you can do this with the following dog grooming equipment.


There is a range of professional dog grooming clippers that available. Oster and Andis dog clippers are the most common ones used among dog groomers, vets and dog owners as they have a reputation for producing high quality, powerful and durable dog clippers.

Semi-professional clippers are designed for occasional use in grooming pets at home. They are available with adjustable and detachable blades offering versatile clipping. To help leave the coat longer, some machines include snap-on comb attachments, whilst others have their own range of optional blades.


How you brush and comb your dog is very important to your dog’s comfort so it’s very important you choose the right brush as not all dogs have the same coat.

De-shedding tools

Usually dogs moult twice a year. In autumn the fine summer coat is lost and a warm winter coat grows instead. Then in spring, the winter coat falls out and is replaced by the summer coat. However, it is not uncommon for many breeds to shed their coats continuously, making moulting hair a problem. De-shedding tools when used as part of a regular grooming regime can help to reduce moulting.

Grooming bag

If you have all the tools to make your dog looks good, you are going to need to keep the dog clippers, brush, comb and de-shedding tools somewhere. The best place would be in a dog grooming bag or box. The best ones are those that have multiple compartments to store your accessories and items such as a nail clipper and tissues. Also, when purchasing a grooming bag try and get one that has a padded interior as this will protect your items and keep them in good shape for longer.

Dog grooming salons

If you don’t want to get your hands wet and don’t want all the fuss of clipping, snipping and cutting your dog, then there are many dog grooming salons that will be happy to do this for you. You love getting pampered and going for a beauty treatment every now and then and so will many dogs. As well as making sure your dog looks good, some dog grooming salons will check things like eyes, skin, hair and nails to make sure your dog is in good health.


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